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I Use Okada To Sustain My Family, Says Newly-Elected LP Rep Member √√ The Scoper Media

    Donatus Matthew, the Labour Party candidate who won election into House of Representatives for Kaura Federal Constituency, has shed light on his widely reported life as an Okada rider.

Donatus told the story of his past, honest hustle in an interview with Punchng in which the father of four also laid open his plan for his once-upon-a-time Okada rider colleagues, saying, “There are programmes that we have been doing long before now. We have been assisting them and advising them to come together in groups and register to benefit from other programmes. But we will look at things carefully to see the kind of initiatives that will benefit the majority. There will be a turnover of credible leadership for our people.”

The ex-councillor and Supervisor said of his motivation for going into the business.

“Before I became a councillor, I was an Okada man. I have been using a bike to sustain myself and I am proud of that. Even now, I have colleagues who are still doing it (riding Okada) and I think there’s nothing wrong with that. That is my humble beginning,” he told the publication.

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