Man Electrocuted While Stealing Power Cable In Osun, IBEDC Reacts ~ The Scoper Media 

      The management of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) has appealed to customers to be vigilant in safeguarding their electrical installation within their communities against vandals.

This is coming against the backdrop of the electrocution of an unknown scrap collector whose lifeless body was found hanging on the fence of Raji Kolade 100KV, 11/0.415 Substation on Monday.

According to a resident of Kolade Estate, along GOF area in Ogo-Oluwa, Osogbo, state capital of Osun, there was supply at about 3:47 pm that a loud explosive sound was heard which prompted a resident to call the technical supervisor of IBEDC, Ogo-Oluwa Service Unit, Micheal Oguntola covering the area of the incident.

In response to the call, with the aim to verify the cause of the explosive noise, the dead body of an unknown scrap collector was found hanging on the transformer fence with his burnt fingers on the red phase of the bushing of the transformer, the resident narrated.

The bag of the scrap initially collected was found under his dangling legs behind the gated and locked transformer fence.

In a reaction on Tuesday signed by Senior Communication Officer, IBEDC Osun Region, Kikelomo Owoeye, the TSS informed the Technical Engineer, Engr. Salam Akinloye and the Police Men from Ataoja Police Division, Osogbo who came to evacuate the body of the deceased to State General Hospital, Asubiaro, Mortuary.

The Regional Head of IBEDC, Engr. Adeniyi Adeleke urged customers to safe guard the electrical installations within their communities as it is a joint responsibility.

While describing the recent incident as an exposure of the acts of saboteurs of the Nations’ economy, Adeleke noted that the spate of energy theft and vandalism is high in Osun state.

He, however, assured that efforts have been in place to war against this menace and “ensure that the hand of law is not short to bring these people to book as there has been collaboration between the Security agencies within the State.

“…urge our esteemed customers to safeguard the electrical installations within their communities as it is a joint responsibility.

“This incident has revealed that all our esteemed customers should not underestimate anyone, they have the right to question any strange movement around their transformers or electrical installations to prevent being thrown into total blackout by these vandals,” he said.

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