MILESTONE ACHIEVED: 30th Edition Of Primate Ayodele’s ‘WARNINGS TO THE NATIONS’ Released 🎊 The Scoper Media 

On Saturday, July 6, 2024, Primate Elijah Ayodele, the esteemed prophet and head of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, unveiled the highly anticipated 30th edition of his annual prophecy book, Warnings to the Nations. The event took place at his church in Lagos, drawing a significant crowd eager to hear the latest revelations and guidance from the renowned spiritual leader.

The 30th edition of “Warnings To The Nations,” a 435-page publication renowned for its prophetic revelations, delves into critical global issues and predictions. This edition covers a wide range of topics, including the upcoming U.S. presidential election and Nigeria’s 2027 polls. It also addresses elections in Ghana, Ondo, and Edo, and discusses the movements for Biafra and Oduduwa Republics.

The publication warns of potential conflicts, such as a looming Third World War and the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict. It also issues advisories to various sectors including education, aviation, maritime, sports, media, science and technology, and banking.

Significant individuals are not left out, with personalized warnings directed at notable figures like Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga, Mohammed Dewji, Koos Bekker, and Strive Masiyiwa. The publication also names sports stars such as Diogo Costa, Allison Becker, Edouard Mendy, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Karim Benzema, Neymar, and Cristiano Ronaldo, offering them specific insights and warnings.

This comprehensive edition aims to prepare nations and individuals for the challenges ahead, providing a detailed forecast of global events and their potential impacts.

In a prophetic message regarding the upcoming US election, Primate Ayodele expressed that Joe Biden’s chances of securing a second term as President hinge on divine intervention. He emphasized that without a meticulously crafted strategy, Biden’s path to victory would be exceedingly difficult. According to Ayodele, only with the grace of God and a strategic approach can Biden hope to return to the White House.

‘’I am seeing big challenges ahead of Joe Biden. And of course, there are a lot of things that Joe Biden will begin to do at the last minute to gain people’s vote. The fact is Joe Biden is going to have a very tough election. The only thing is they can only win this election if Trump is not going to contest and lose some states. That’s when Joe Biden will come back. But I can tell you that Joe Biden coming back will take the grace of God. It will be very tough. But strategically, Joe Biden can make it back. It is only strategy that will make Joe Biden to come back.’’

In a prophetic vision, a seer foretold the defeat of Ghana’s former president, John Mahama, in the upcoming election. The prophet warned that Mahama’s victory hinged on making crucial, yet unspecified, correct decisions. Failing to do so, the vision suggested, would seal his fate with a loss at the polls.

‘’Mahama can win if he takes precautions and does what is needful. If he refuses to do what is needed, he will fail this coming election completely. And this will send him oblivious in Ghana politics.  He needs a lot to do to work on the upper footer, to work on the north, and to also work on the south. If he doesn’t work on this and seek the face of the Lord, I tell you that Mahama will lose this election because the ruling party is desperately ready at all levels. ‘’

In a bold prediction about Nigeria’s 2027 election, Primate Ayodele has warned opposition candidates that their efforts to unseat President Tinubu will be futile unless they form a united front. He emphasized that a coalition is essential for any realistic chance of victory. Ayodele also cautioned President Tinubu about significant hurdles in his bid for a second term, suggesting that the path ahead will be fraught with challenges.

‘’Though, OBI, ATIKU and other candidates will want to contest for the 2027 election, they will only need a coalition to take Tinubu out of office. Without a coalition in 2027, as the Lord reveals, a lot of politicians will  just be deceiving themselves in a big way as the majority of them will want to be president. The only combination of contestants that can trouble Tinubu is when a very strong Northerner candidate and a Southwest person go in for election. If they formed a coalition with other parties, that’s the only way the election can be tough and without that, it won’t be possible at all. It will still be the same noise that they make in 2023 that they will still make in 2027. ‘’

‘’Some northerners will make moves to cause disunity in Tinubu’s government because they will be angry as they will feel left out in the government’s scheme of things. The northerners will not be happy with the government of Tinubu. Some will be favourable, some will not and this will cause a kind of burden for the President. The aggrieved northerners will want to dump Tinubu’s movement as some of their kinsmen who have been carried along will continue to block others. In view of all these, the northerners will sing discordant tunes as there will be confusion among them. Meanwhile, the Tinubu’s government will consciously put in efforts to see that there is peace between its government and the northerners but those at the non-benefiting end will give a strong condition. The government needs to recalculate the package in order to get things right.’’

Similarly, Primate Ayodele has predicted that state policing will eventually be implemented, despite potential delays. However, he foresees significant conflicts arising from this development.

‘’STATE POLICE: I foresee that the institution will come alive no matter how long it takes. The Organization will be voted for to come into existence and it will be a strong medium to check insecurity. Serious conflicts will arise between state and federal police which will affect the operations of the police force in the country. ‘’

In a profound revelation regarding the Israel-Gaza conflict, Primate Ayodele has offered insights into when the turmoil will cease and has laid out crucial steps for world leaders to take. According to Ayodele, the end of the conflict is foreseeable, but it requires decisive and coordinated actions by global powers. He emphasized the necessity for diplomatic interventions, humanitarian efforts, and strategic peace talks to bring lasting resolution. Ayodele’s vision highlights the importance of unity and proactive engagement from the international community to achieve peace in the region.

‘’The Israel-Gaza proposal to end the war can be actualized in another 6-7 months from now If the US pushes it very properly, it will definitely end. They will be trying to form a new government in Israel to unseat Netanyahu but as part of his sit tight strategy, he will unbelievably expose Israel to more critical but terrible situations. Israel will not take it easy. Many people will go against the President, Netanyahu. A lot of laws will be passed against Netanyahu for him to end the war. Meanwhile, the Israelis that are kidnapped in Gaza, most of them will die. Apart from this, Netanyahu wanted to make sure that he gets rid of Hamaz before he stops the war.’’

In his prophetic foresight, Primate Ayodele has cautiously foretold that while concerns about a Third World War may arise, the likelihood of its actual manifestation remains exceedingly low. His insights navigate the delicate balance between anticipation and assurance, offering a perspective that tempers anxiety with a glimmer of hope for global harmony.

‘’Some people will be trying to frustrate or to foment the third world war which I have not seen its reality in 2024. People will be afraid that third world war may happen but the manifestation is very slim. It is not certain that the third world war can come up.’’

In a visionary proclamation for Nigeria’s education sector, Primate Ayodele prophesied sweeping technological advancements across the nation’s institutions. His foresight extended to naming each Nigerian institution destined for transformation in a widely circulated publication. This revelation sparked anticipation and speculation nationwide, setting the stage for a future where innovation meets education in unprecedented ways.

‘’The education sector in Nigeria will improve as I foresee that technology will take over in another dimension. Technology will boost the study of medicine and other health related courses and the sector will benefit immensely. There will be a lot of positive changes as technology will take over and many processes will be digitalized.  Let us rebuke the death of great business tycoon, Vice Chancellor, head of faculty of law in schools like UNILAG, LASU, UNIBEN, ABU.’’

In a prophetic declaration, Primate Ayodele forewarned a diverse array of businessmen spanning multiple nations, Nigeria included.

‘’ALIKO DANGOTE: Aliko must pray for God’s divine protection and success. He must rebuke huge loss of money or investment and death of a very close ally or a family member.  I foresee he will be tormented as he will face several unpleasant challenges which he must watch out for. He must pray for God’s protection and directive on his businesses in order to avert business shut down.  Dangotes’ properties will be attacked. He must pray against inferno. This is very important.’’

‘’KOOS BEKKER: He must commit all his efforts in the hand of God so that he will not see calamity that creates setbacks for his business. I foresee that he will commit a lot of resources into his business expansion’’

‘’MOHAMMED DEWJI : The family must be very prayerful so that God can support the new research that they will embark on. I foresee they will start a new business which will grow massively but might lacks sustenance and durability.’’

‘’STRIVE MASIYIWA: This individual must pray for God’s protection and good health as I foresee that his health might trouble him. He must rebuke investment that will not yield expected returns.’’

‘’MICHIEL LE ROUX: He must pray against confusion as I foresee that his business will be hijacked. Some people will create troubles for his business, and must pray not to undergo any ailment’’

In his latest release, “Warnings To The Nations,” Primate Ayodele issued a stark caution to prominent players, clubs, national teams, and coaches within the sports realm.

‘’Let us pray not to lose an active Ruby, Cricket and Hockey player as I foresee a notable Ruby player undergoing surgery. Let us rebuke the death of any coach in the Sport of Ruby. Some Sport Directors will be sacked, and fraud will be detected in activities of many clubs. The Clubs must also be diligent and careful enough not to run into debt as i see that some clubs’ licences will be withdrawn.’’

‘’CRISTIANO RONALDO:  He will win a contract and he must be careful because of court matters. I foresee that his efforts will be widely recognized. But he must be careful not to be dragged into necessary issues. He will change his club and he will make a landmark history and he will win a glorious award. ‘’

‘’LIONEL MESSI : I foresee this player will bargain with the club, have an injury and will not perform excellently well. He will be instrumental to the enviable attainments of his club. He will have some issues with the management.. He must rebuke court cases and pray not to lose money. He needs to pray against blackmailing.’’

‘’KYLIAN MBAPPE:  The spirit of God says this person will change his club for a bigger club side; possibly Real Madrid where he will succeed and he will attain greater heights. There, I foresee he will shine brightly and will win a Cup and he will become a global star player; but he must be careful of aggressiveness that will affect his career. The spirit of God says he must be prayerful so that he will not be accused of rape.’’

‘’KARIM BENZEMA: This player will go on retirement because of serious injuries. I foresee his efforts and activities will not go smoothly as expected. He will suffer diminishing returns in his performances.’’

‘’NEYMAR: This player will become a victim of racist  abuses on the  field of play  and He will not perform so much as his record will not be too good to take up to the level he wants to attain. He will change his club and must be watchful and careful so as not to be intimidated.’’

In the year 2024, the world held its breath as prophecies foretold in WTN warned every nation, province, state, and local government, along with their leaders, of impending doom. The messages, cryptic yet urgent, reverberated through the corridors of power worldwide, leaving leaders grappling with uncertainty and citizens clamoring for answers. Amidst the chaos, whispers of destiny intertwined with the palpable fear of an uncertain future, setting the stage for a global reckoning unlike any before.

Conclusively, i youn March 2024, the compilation of “Warnings To The Nations” began, foreseeing events that would unfold before its official release. Among these prophetic revelations was the unexpected loss of PM Rishi Sunak in the UK general election, as foretold in the 30th edition of the prophetic publication. As the world awaited its full unveiling, whispers of its accuracy spread, marking a moment when foresight blurred with reality, shaping the future before it unfolded.