Stakeholders Laud M.kukoyi And HEI Foundations For Saving Accident Victims lives In Nigeria ✓✓ The Scoper Media 


By Çleopatra Eki

      Concerned about untimely deaths and the menace of Road Traffic Accident as the biggest killer of young people in Nigeria as reported by World Health Organization (WHO) recently,

The M.Kukoyi Foundation (MKF) has partnered with Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) to assist scores of critically injured Road Traffic Accident (RTA) victims access care within the first 24hours. In 2022 alone, this collaboration wholly funded by MKF, assisted 39 crash victims with 82% survival rate.

According to the Founder of MKF, Dr Mobola Kukoyi ” avoidable deaths from road crashes is becoming an existential threat to the young people in Nigeria”
She stressed that urgent and broad-based action is needed by all to address this malady, encouraging other corporate organizations and public-spirited Nigerians to partner with HEI in view of its impeccable records in the last 7years.
MKF Foundation is a US based non-profit organization that intervenes in several humanitarian initiatives in Nigeria including healthcare interventions, youth development, provision of amenities to underserved communities, etc
“This collaboration was a response to very sad reports that Victims of Road Traffic Accident face terrible consequences and avoidable fatalities due to poor post-crash care support and institutional weaknesses in the country. “

Executive Director of HEI, Mr Paschal Achunine, thanked the Board of MKF Foundation for their ” unrelenting support for the social well-being of Nigerians”. He added that the existing MOU HEI signed with FRSC, National Orthopaedic hospital, Igbobi , FMC Ebute Metta and selected hospitals in Lagos State enhances chances of prompt resuscitation and stabilization of crash victims when taken to these facilities
“It is exciting to know that satisfied with the outcome of the 2022 post-crash care intervention, the Board of MKF Foundation recently approved and disbursed more funds to support accident victims in 2023. The duration for this project is 3months with target to reach over 42 beneficiaries across Lagos State. “

HEI is a credible NGO that has supported and brought succour to more than 1,700 indigent and vulnerable patients and accident victims across Lagos and beyond. It is also a recipient of Best Supporting NGO Awards from Lagos State Health Service Commission and FRSC.

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