Surest Firm Foundation Academy Empowers Children, Cleans Environment, By Cleopatra Eki ๐ŸŽŠ The Scoper Media

A group called Surest Firm Foundation Academy sets to help children break out the effects of Trauma induced Imposter syndrome which has prevented them from maximizing their potential early in life.
Mrs Adebimpe Adeniyi, convener made the call at her 50th birthday celebration and a bimonthly awareness and transformational children programme.

The event with a theme: Mingle to Stand, Confidence held at Lagbasa Lagos.
The group is concerned about helping traumatized and vulnerable children find wholeness, navigate life more easily and to add value to the society. She observed that a lot of children have experienced trauma to the point that it has impacted their physical, mental, and social well-being.”

She added that the peculiarity of the environment is that most children cannot relate with other children because of imposter syndrome at diffferent levels, cultivated in them by internal and external influences.

She also her talked on Confidence to help the children believe in themselves. Equipping children with the tools and skills needed for intrapersonal relationships which will enhance their level of self-awareness, unlock and maximize their potential, and launch out with confidence.

Adeniyi disclosed that the bimonthly awareness and transformational program is focused on Children and Parents. “Our niche are vulnerable and traumatized Children, our targeted audience and primary audience Children – 1 year – 20 years, while secondary audience are parents.”

According to Adeniyi, “This vision was birthed from the pain and hurt of my early intraumatizing experiences.”
Adeniyi said “Destiny has now placed me in a space that serves as a constant reminder of my battles with the negative consequences of internalized trauma and the PTSD that results from it as I go through life.”

The unfavorable consequences prevented me from successfully climbing the ladder of success to the top, instead, I remained on the step I had previously ascended before life happened-“she disclosed.

Our vision is raising generations that dare to be different and become against all life odds.
While our mission is helping children declutter from the pain and hurt of their past,and building a Growth Mindset and the right values in children.

We make children catalysts for growth, positive change and service to humanity.
The foundation’s core values which includes Service, Compassion Honesty,Empathy, Discipline Uniqueness Leadership and Excellence

Earlier on, Cleanliness is next to godliness as popular maxim, the group and children collectively cleaned some part of Lagbasa community as service to Humanity with supervision of the speakers and team members .

The highpoint of event includes film show and games and Refreshment.