Nigeria Needs More Diction Teachers To Improve Children’ Spoken English 🎊 The Scoper Media

By Cleopatra Eki

A phonologist and Chief Executive officer, Bergson Education and Communication Enterprise, Mrs Rosberg Esobeonu has called for more diction teachers to improve spoken English in Nigeria.

She made the call at an Education forum in Lekki Lagos. She disclosed that as a phonologist and speech therapist over the years in country, teaching children English Diction, they seem not to practice using the right pronunciation and intonation at home and in class due lack of encouragement. Another challenge is that they also are ridiculed and easily distracted by peer groups and friends.

Esobeonu added, to improve spoken English in Nigeria, school authorities and owners should make Diction training course compulsory for teachers.

According to her, The Lagos State government is doing great in the education sector, they can do more by employing Diction teachers especially in the primary schools across the State.

She observed that, “There is also the problem of unqualified diction teachers everywhere, teaching wrong sounds, pronunciations and intonation. These go a long way to affect the children spoken English. “

” A qualified Diction teacher is one who studied English language, mass communication or other English related course or have taken training with a qualified and certified trainer.” Schools should be sure to employ the right Diction instructor not minding the cost.
Although, there are only few qualified trainers in Nigeria.

So one can search on Google to find one and consult with the organisation -she pointed out

My company Bergson Education and Communication Enterprise have trained a hand full over the years in English Diction and speech therapy. They are all doing well making the organisation great in their various places of appointments. I have also worked with private individuals, celebrities and organisations on Business English. My firm is open to those who would love to train as a Diction instructor or practice speaking with me.

However, Pidgin English is a language. But when learned at a young age can become a barrier to speaking good English.
She recommended ways to improve one’s diction simply by speaking fluent English using the right Diction, you must practice speaking that way at all times.

A person who wants to improve on his or her diction should do a lot of words transcription and pronounciation from a standard dictionary, listen to qualified and professional English or native speakers and to good TV and radio broadcasters.