My Husband Betrayed, Deceived Me, Farida Cries After Suicide Attempt √√ The Scoper Media

Lagos socialite, Farida Sobowale, has said she attempted suicide because of her husband betrayal.


According to the Nation Newspaper, Lamenting in a now-trending video she recorded, she said her ex-husband promised to make her a mother in life but reneged on his promises and deceived her.

Speaking in Youruba, Sobowale said: “Mo wo pe kin na owo kin na ara lori ife ti mo rope moti ri ife. Ife ati eyan to jepe mo n fe to ni moma di olomo laye. Oun ma je kin di olomo laye; oun ma duro ti mi. O ti leri orisisi to so gbogbo e fun mi. Ko n se boya ode nimi abi owo yen po lowo mi abi mio mo nkan ti mo n se. Mio kin se omode.

“Gbogbo eyin abiyamo aye, eyin sisters mi, eyin egbon mi, eyin fans mi, mo fe ke da ri ji mi lori nkan to sele Laarin ex- okomi…..” which translates to,

“I spent a lot of money thinking I’ve found love; a lover that promised me that I’ll have my own children in life. He promised to be with me amongst other promises. I’m not a child, I’m not stupid, and I don’t have a lot of money.

She said: “I’m calling my sisters, elders, younger ones, and followers to forgive what transpired between me and my ex-husband.” She then begged her fans, followers, and family to forgive her for how she responded to the turn of events.

She continued by saying that she had moved on and had given the matter to God.

On Thursday night, Farida Sobowale attempted suicide by attempting to jump into a lagoon from the Third Mainland bridge.

This is in the midst of rumors that her two-month-old lavish marriage ended in divorce.

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