NCC Budget Of N549.6bn Gets Senate Nod, Applauds Maida’s Resolute Leadership 🎊 The Scoper Media

By Aminat Umar

In a decisive move, the Senate’s Committee on Communications has greenlit the ambitious 2024 budgetary projection of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), totaling a staggering N549.6 Billion. This significant milestone underscores a unified commitment towards advancing Nigeria’s telecommunications sector, heralding a new era of connectivity and innovation.

In a grand convergence of legislative scrutiny and bureaucratic accountability, the halls of governance echoed with the weighty deliberations as Senator Ikra Bilbis, the eminent custodian of Zamfara Central’s interests, orchestrated the joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives Committee on communications. Towering above the assembly, Dr. Aminu Maida, the visionary EVC/CEO of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), stood poised, his presence a testament to the agency’s pivotal role in the nation’s digital landscape.

With rapt attention, the the corridors of power bore witness to the unveiling of the intricate tapestry of the 2023 budget performance. As figures danced in the air, Senator Bilbis navigated the labyrinth of fiscal scrutiny, probing with the precision of a seasoned navigator. Meanwhile, Dr. Maida, with air of quiet resolve, elucidated the nuances of the NCC’s endeavors, each word a beacon guiding the committee through the intricate terrain of telecommunications governance.

In this symphony of governance, the collective gaze of legislators and bureaucrats alike converged united in the pursuit of transparency and accountability. And amidst the echoes of deliberation, a tableau emerged—a testament to the enduring commitment to harnessing the transformative power of communication for the betterment of Nigeria’s citizenry.

In a high-stakes session on Capitol Hill, the head honcho of the NCC stood firm, fielding a barrage of inquiries from vigilant lawmakers. From the intricacies of national security to the intricate dance of revenue generation, no stone was left unturned.

With a masterful finesse, the NCC chief navigated the treacherous waters of data protection, reassuring the assembly with a steely resolve. As the spotlight shifted to the thorny issue of infractions unearthed in the 2023 budget report, the boss remained unflappable, offering insights that left even the most skeptical legislators nodding in grudging approval.

During the assembly, Senator Steve Karimi lauded the NCC’s report as both current and praiseworthy. Echoing his sentiment, the Kogi West Lawmaker emphasized that their counterparts in the House of Representatives had scrutinized the report and found no irregularities.

In a room draped with anticipation, his voice sliced through the air like a surgeon’s scalpel. “Behold,” he declared, his words carrying the weight of authority, “the tome before us is not just any report. It is a living, breathing entity—an embodiment of progress and innovation. Witness its transformation, for we now hold the pinnacle of performance reports in our hands. Let us delve into its depths and chart our course accordingly.”

Renowned Delta North Senator, Ned Nwoko, showered praise upon the illustrious career of the NCC Boss, lauding his sterling resume as nothing short of impressive. In a compelling call to action, Nwoko fervently urged Aminu to elevate the Agency’s operations to new heights, promising unwavering support in their noble endeavors.

In a chorus of accolades, lawmakers lauded the Government-Owned Enterprise for its astute management of the 2023 revenue, deftly allocating funds between capital and recurrent expenditures.

In his address to the lawmakers, Aminu eloquently conveyed the commission’s steadfast commitment to veer away from relying solely on “operators sanctions” as its primary revenue stream.

In a strategic move, the NCC has charted a course aimed at streamlining compliance with its regulatory mandates for operators nationwide. Their meticulous planning promises to simplify adherence to regulatory directives, ensuring smoother operations for all involved.

Aminu, with unwavering determination, expressed his team’s relentless efforts in tackling the issue at hand. Emphasizing the Agency’s collaborative approach with the nation’s security forces, he unveiled plans for a groundbreaking platform aimed at seamlessly tracking down criminals, poised to revolutionize the country’s security landscape.

Based on the 2023 budget performance report presented by the NCC Boss which ended on December 31st an actual revenue of N448.1bn was realised out of a projected budget of N559.080bn. Its total recurrent expenditure stood at N67.072bn while its capital expenditure was at N3.6m.

In a crescendo of parliamentary harmony, the 2024 budget proposal of the esteemed Agency, valued at a staggering N549.6 billion, found its wings through the corridors of approval. With the elegant sway of Senator Tahir Monguno, hailing from the illustrious Borno North, and the authoritative gavel of committee chairman Senator Ikra Aliyu, the proposal danced through the air of affirmation via the melodic cadence of voice votes from the esteemed committee members. As the chambers resonated with the echoes of unanimous consent, the Agency’s vision was etched into the annals of fiscal destiny, poised to shape the nation’s future with unwavering resolve.