OPINION: What Is Stopping Chelsea FC From Obeying Primate Ayodele’s Instructions, By Charles Gregory √√ The Scoper Media 


     Chelsea FC has started the new premier league season on a very bad note with two defeats out of four games played. The club bought some of the most expensive players yet it doesn’t feel like the club will make any improvement this season.

Sadly, the team hasn’t even met with strong opponents so far yet losses have been recorded with the latest being the defeat by Nottingham Forest.

Chelsea has changed coaches, bought new players, changed strategy but the club remains the same, what could be the problem? It appears the management of the club is confused about the whole situation, the team is gradually becoming a shadow of itself unfortunately.

Although every football strategy has been tried, the club and management are yet to carry out the advice given to them by Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele last season.

The prophet who went viral for foretelling bad times for Chelsea last season advised the club to do cleansing and seek blessings from the former owner, Roman Abrahamovic. He advised that it was necessary for the club to succeed in its dealings.

“Chelsea is finished. If they are not careful they will not function again. The people who bought Chelsea should go back to the owner and get his blessings. Otherwise, if they put 10, 20 strikers, defenders, and the best keeper in the world, there is a curse troubling Chelsea at this moment. I have told you, to take these words very very seriously if you want to progress, otherwise, Chelsea can go to total relegation. Any team that faces Chelsea now can beat them, they need spiritual cleansing for them to wake up to the challenges that are ahead of them.’’

It’s been several months but the club is yet to make any moves regarding the instruction given to them by Primate Ayodele. It appears the deliberate action to ignore this message shared by the man of God has continued to lead the club to loss.

Also, before the season began, Primate Ayodele made another prophecy stating that the club will not make any significant progress this year and will struggle between 10th and 11th position unless they put their house in order.

‘’If you are not careful, the coming season will not be too palatable as expected. I don’t know who your players are but it’s still going to be rough. The only way Chelsea can do what the fans are expecting is by putting their house in order. If not, the club will struggle between 10 and 11. Honestly, the club needs to be very prayerful’’









What does the prophet mean by putting their house in order? In my opinion, I think it’s simply an update of his last prophecy and a reminder that the club is yet to do the needful as he advised them.

Since every other thing has failed for the club, what then is stopping the club from following the instructions of Primate Ayodele, maybe this will salvage the situation on ground? As a sport enthusiast and a Chelsea fan, I would advise the club to please do as the prophet has adviced, we can’t afford to be losing every week because it’s really draining.

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