Diana has explained, with tears in her eyes, how her father has been coercively sleeping with her and her sisters since their mother’ s death, and the way that this has caused her a lot of torment

   Their father married another woman but this did not keep him from assaulting different ladies he used to bring into the house.

   A report of the events was made to the local police station, but their were no action taken against him.

   Diana left home after taking her standard eighth exam and she later got married . she eventually left her marriage because of being mistreated.

   Left with no option, Diana made decision to go to her father’ s home. Despite the fact that she had convinced herself that her father wouldn’ t mistreat her, he turned into monster, he used to threaten her and the sisters whenever he wanted to forcefully sleep with them and as days went by, the situation deteriorated. As a result, they were left with no choice but to follow his orders .

  Currently Diana is worried of welfare of her sisters who continue staying with their father after ahe managed to move away from home to get married again. Her father has now has appointed them as his spouses because they have no option

   Their father normally threatenels to withhold financial support if they deny him what he wants. She claims that her stepmother is currently working in another country as a result of which their stepmother is absent.

   In an interview with the press, Diana claims that she could never forgive her father for the way he destroyed her life, as well as the lives of her sisters and that her sisters . She has now appealed for help to rescue his sisters from animal like father.

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