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PATHETIC (Video)! Nigerian Lady Courageously Celebrates Her Baby Produced From Gang-Rape By Four Robbers √√ The Scoper Media 


Dorcas and her baby
Dorcas and her baby


     A Nigerian fashion designer has courageously celebrated her baby girl conceived after she was raped by four robbers who stormed her shop about a year ago.

The young mother of one, Dorcas, took to her social media page to share the touching encounter in a post which has now gone viral.

Dorcas recalled how she was at her tailoring shop sewing a dress for a customer who was to travel with it the next day.

Dorcas, who said she was a virgin at the time, revealed that while she was working, four robbers broke in, robbed and had their way with her.

She said that the unfortunate incident turned her life into endless weeks of crying and mourning.

She said at some point, she even contemplated suicide. She said she was able to pull through and return to work.

Weeks later, she said she found out much to her embarrassment and shame that she was pregnant.

Dorcas said she kept the pregnancy and was delivered of a bouncing baby girl who has now become her joy.

She concluded that in spite of her circumstances, she considered her baby a blessing from God.

Dorcas in her shop
Dorcas in her shop

In an update, she acknowledged the wide support she had received and expressed surprise at how viral the news had become.

She noted that some people criticized her for revealing her awful experience and also posting the picture of her baby. She asserted that it was her past and since she could not rewrite it, she had to embrace it. She also affirmed that she considers her baby a blessing in spite of everything.

Her words:

“I just want to use this opportunity to appreciate you all for the love and care. I never knew this video will have a large view like this. I have been receiving bad messages and bad comments about posting this video and why i had to post my Baby’s face, due to the fact she was conceived out of r**pe. this video have been reported several times. I have nothing to gain from all this but I just wanted sharing my story not because i am define by what i passed through or because i am weak. I can’t change what happened to me, i have to live with it. And i choose to be happy despite the situation. My Baby is a part of my Story and i am happy to have her by my side. Please life is already hard let’s treat people with kindness🙏 God bless you all





Paulineganga wrote: “The baby came out from a bad scenario. Trust me the ending will be nice she’ll be your heroine. God bless you, sister”

Kandykecy: “Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise you dnt know how many are inspired by u speaking out ❤️❤️”

Wema: “She is so beautiful mama 🥰❤️I’m proud of you”

Tanie Elle Marie: “You own your own power and that baby is your daughter. People always have a lot to say but do what makes you happy and your girl proud. Much love”

Ntokes wrote: “Oh my God. Wow. As I kept on swiping right I just kept on saying oh my God. I hope you heal and prosper in this life.”

FERA said: “God please send help to this young lady, this is so hard for anyone to bare…God please make this lady sorrows a blessing to her and her generation.”

UG noted: “God will never forsake you,for you to keep this baby,you have won a big reward,just wait and see how God will turn ur story around.”

orjiako Emmanuel prayed: “God bless you heart for keeping that baby she’s so fine . I’m sorry for the terrible life experience .”

AnnieHairs Extension stated: “Omo I cried. E no go better for them. So sorry dear. I pray For God divine healing because I know how traumatizing that can be. God bless you.”

Mhiz Khalifa said: “All those men will later regret their wrongdoing in life.”

Watch Video here her reel here.

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