PEPT: Judges Operated On Divine Wisdom – Prophet Ikuru √√ The Scoper Media 

 …. Calls for collaboration in moving the nation forward


     The founder of Jehovah Eyes Salvation Ministry, Prophet Godwin Ikuru has commended the judges for allowing themselves to be used by God to proclaim victory to the elected president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

According to him, the judges operated on divine wisdom and worked with the spirit of the God Almighty.

The prophet who was sepaking to journalist said, two years ago he prophecied about Tinubu to become the president of the federal republic of Nigeria and today he is.

Expressing his confidence in Tinubu’s government, he said, the nation will move forward in his hands. “The man who God gave the president to is capable of moving the nation forward. I see a great prospect. I see happiness and joy coming forward.”

He noted that though they maybe challenges, but, gave an assurance that everything will be fine in no due time as Tinubu will set everything in place in peace.
“There are some issues in the country now. Every beautiful building you see today that you admire, that building was once looking very urgly. After touching and finishing, the building become very beautiful.

The same way this government is. Sometime, when you start a government, you face some challenges like the issue of hike in fuel and other minor issues that are disturbing the nation. Tinubu will set everything in peace,” he said.

He used the medium to call on the nation, youth, clergies to work together to make sure the country moves forward.

“Even some of our politicians in other parties should also join hands in collaborating together to make sure that the country moves forward because this government will transform the whole Nigeria, ” he said.

The prophet prays for peace and understanding for the nation to move forward.

“I believe in this government. And I have been part of the government, I am member of Presidential Christian Council, (PCC). I remain to stand strong because it’s my duty to stand for the nation and pray for the nation. I will never get tired, because prayer is the key, he vowed.

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