Video! Portable, First Artist To Host A Show At Petrol Station ✓✓ The Scoper Media 


    Controversial Nigerian street-hop artiste, Habeeb Okikiola also known as Portable, has taken to a filling station to perform for a crowd of youths.

Following months of fuel scarcity, residents across the country flock to gas stations on a regular basis to fill up their cars and generators.

Portable, who was in Oyo state to shut down the town, stopped at a fueling station and put on an impromptu music session for the folks there.


A viral video shows the Zazuu star mounting a diesel pump and giving an amazing performance.


He clutched a microphone in his hand and performed his distinctive dancing routines, much to the delight and relief of the waiting throng.

Before Portable’s performance, no Nigerian artist had ever performed in a gas station. He previously set a similar record when he became the first person to perform a concert on the water in Rivers state.

Watch the video below,

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