PRIMATE AYODELE: Sole Man Of God Forewarned Devastating Earthquake In USA (WATCH VIDEO) 🎊 The Scoper Media

In the realm of prophetic ministries, one name stands out like a blazing comet streaking across the night sky: Primate Ayodele. His prophetic prowess transcends the ordinary, earning him the revered title of the extraordinary seer. Within the tapestry of his divinations, there lies a unique thread, woven with precision and foresight, that sets him apart from his contemporaries.

Where others see shadows, Primate Ayodele illuminates the path ahead with unparalleled clarity. His prophecies, like whispers from the divine, possess a distinct resonance that reverberates through time and space. Each revelation emerges as a masterpiece of foresight intricately crafted to pierce through the veil of uncertainty and unveil the truth that lies beyond.

But what truly sets Primate Ayodele apart is not merely the accuracy of his prophecies, but the manner in which they unfold. Like a master orchestrator conducting a symphony of fate, his predictions come to pass with a grandeur that defies explanation. From the mundane to the miraculous, each fulfillment is a testament to the extraordinary nature of his gift.

In the annals of prophetic history, Primate Ayodele’s legacy shines brightly as a beacon of hope and enlightenment. His ministry transcends the boundaries of time and space, leaving an indelible mark on all who bear witness to its splendor. In a world shrouded in uncertainty, his words serve as a guiding light, leading humanity towards a future bathed in the brilliance of divine revelation.

In the bustling world of prophecy, where prophets often clamor for recognition of their foresight, Primate Ayodele stands as a beacon of humility and uniqueness. Unlike his peers who vie for acknowledgment with fervor, Primate Ayodele’s approach is a serene departure from the norm. While others revel in the validation of their predictions, he remains steadfast in his mission, unruffled by the need for acclaim. His prophecies, like whispered secrets from the divine, unfold with an unmatched grace, weaving through the tapestry of time with an elegance that sets him apart. In a realm where competition is fierce, Primate Ayodele’s singular style of prophecy remains unparalleled, leaving a legacy that transcends the bounds of recognition

In a land where prophecy danced with destiny, Primate Ayodele’s words echoed through every sector like a symphony of foresight. From the thunderous fields of sports to the serene halls of education, his prophecies cast a spell that none could rival.

In the realm of governance, his voice was a beacon of light, guiding leaders through the tumultuous waves of politics and governance. His words were not mere whispers in the wind; they were the mighty winds of change, shaping the future of nations.

In the shadowy corridors of security, his predictions were whispered with reverence, for they held the key to safeguarding the realm from unseen threats. His insight pierced through the darkness, illuminating paths to peace and protection.

But it wasn’t just the grand spectacles of society that felt his touch. Individuals sought solace in his prophecies, finding guidance and clarity in the tumult of their personal journeys. Each word spoken by Primate Ayodele was a thread woven into the tapestry of fate, binding the past, present, and future into a seamless whole.

And so, when his prophecies came to pass, there was no need for competition or contention. For in the realm of foresight, Primate Ayodele stood unrivaled, a beacon of truth in a world hungry for certainty.

In a realm where prophets vie for attention with their foretellings, one figure stands out amidst the cacophony of predictions – Primate Ayodele. While others merely whisper of deaths or election outcomes, Ayodele’s prophecies transcend the ordinary, weaving intricate tapestries of fate. His words do not merely hint at the demise of individuals or the triumph of candidates; they delve deep into the very mechanisms of destiny, unraveling the intricate threads that govern the course of events.

When Ayodele speaks of an impending election, he does not offer mere glimpses of the future; instead, he paints vivid portraits of the path to victory, outlining the twists and turns that will lead to the crowning of a champion. His prophecies are not confined to one-liners; they are expansive narratives that unfurl like scrolls, revealing the hidden machinations of fate.

In a world where prophecy is often reduced to simplistic statements, Ayodele stands as a beacon of complexity, offering insights that transcend the superficial and delve into the heart of existence itself. His words are not merely predictions; they are revelations, guiding humanity through the labyrinth of destiny with wisdom and foresight.

In the rhythmic pulse of fate, the prophecy of Primate Ayodele unfurled its wings, casting its shadow upon the land. Across the vast expanse of time, whispers of an impending earthquake in the heart of the USA danced upon the winds of destiny. And lo, as the celestial choreography reached its crescendo, the earth trembled beneath the weight of prophecy fulfilled

New York City was shaken by a small earthquake on Friday with a 4.8 magnitude and an epicenter in neighboring New Jersey state, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

There were no initial reports of injuries or damage.

In Brooklyn buildings shook, rattling cupboard doors and fixtures, an AFP correspondent reported.

At the United Nations, which has its headquarters in New York, a Security Council meeting on the situation in Gaza was temporarily paused after the tremor.

It is worthy of note that this incident has been foretold by Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele who is known to always foretell events to happen in months, years to come.

In 2023, Primate Ayodele specifically mentioned that the United States Of America (USA) must pray against any calamity like earthquake. The prophet’s description was that it would happen unexpectedly.

These were his words

β€˜β€™We may see a landslide and earthquake in Africa but we will see it more in the Asian world. Three landslide and earthquake may come up in the continent and especially in the USA, I see it happening unexpectedly and building collapse as well in the US….’’

To confirm the rareness and suddenness of incidents like this especially in New York, some residents confirmed that they are not used to experiencing disasters like EarthQuake.

In the town of Union, New Jersey, about 35 miles from the epicenter, resident David Scibione told CBS how “things on our roof started coming down” when the shaking began. And when it had finished, the roads around his house had split from the force.

Allison Martins, also of New Jersey, was recording on TikTok when the rumbling started. Her “little video on the day in the life of somebody who works from nine to five” became something more as her camera caught her house shaking.

“We’re not used to having earthquakes in New Jersey, let alone a big one like this; we were all scared,” she said.

To cap it all however, amidst the chaos that unfolded across the globe, there emerged a startling revelation: not a single prophet had whispered a word about the harrowing events that transpired. This revelation cast a luminous spotlight on Primate Ayodele, elevating him to the echelons of prophetic greatness, his foresight unparalleled and his wisdom revered.