PRIMATE AYODELE’S ADVICE HEEDED: Cybersecurity Levy Suspended By President Tinubu 🎊 The Scoper Media 

In a landscape marred by government policies often perceived as detached from the people’s needs, the introduction of the cyber security levy added fuel to the fire of discontent. This levy, entailing deductions from every financial transaction made by Nigerians, struck a chord of frustration amidst the prevailing hardships. The outcry echoed the sentiment of a populace feeling the weight of policies seemingly out of touch with their daily struggles, further fueling the discourse on the balance between security measures and socio-economic empathy.

In a prophetic warning, Primate Ayodele cautioned the government against implementing a potentially detrimental policy, foreseeing its adverse effects on the nation. He criticized the Central Bank of Nigeria for its perceived lack of empathy during a time of widespread hardship, urging for greater consideration of citizens’ welfare.

In a passionate plea to the government, he beseeched for a focus on alleviating citizens from their current hardships rather than burdening them further. Directing his appeal to President Tinubu, he urged a thorough review of existing policies to ensure they serve the people’s best interests.

These were his words

‘’Increasing VAT, stamp duty, implementing cybersecurity levy at this time is not proper.Nigeria may not understand all of these and the government in power may not even understand too but the fact remains that the government must review their policies very well.

‘’These policies will only lead to more hardship for the people, the prices of food commodities will skyrocket and even the salary increase will still lead to more hardship if these policies continue.’’

In a swift response to Primate Ayodele’s counsel regarding the cyber security levy, President Tinubu made a decisive move, suspending the levy just five days later. Asserting his government’s empathy, Tinubu emphasized their sensitivity to citizens’ concerns, swiftly alleviating the burden on the populace. This action showcased a responsive leadership keen on balancing security needs with citizens’ welfare, earning commendation for its agility and attentiveness.

In a twist of fate, the words of a revered cleric echoed through the halls of power, aligning with his message to the presidency. This unexpected convergence sparked intrigue and speculation, setting the stage for a narrative woven with intrigue and possibility.