Primate Ayodele’s Prediction Comes True As Kenyans Rally Against Ruto’s Finance Legislation 🎊 The Scoper Media 


Kenya is currently witnessing significant unrest as protesters take to the streets against President Samuel Ruto. The catalyst for these demonstrations is the recent finance bill, pushed through by the ruling Kenya Kwanza government. The bill, perceived by many as burdensome, has sparked widespread dissatisfaction, with citizens voicing their frustration over the government’s fiscal policies. The growing dissent highlights the tension between the administration’s economic strategies and the public’s expectations, casting a spotlight on the broader political challenges facing the nation.

Earlier in the morning, citizens flooded the streets in protest, voicing their strong opposition to a new bill they believe will increase taxes and further strain the already challenging economy. The demonstrators argued that the legislation would exacerbate financial hardships, making it even more difficult for ordinary citizens to make ends meet. Their fervent outcry reflected a deep concern for the economic well-being of their community.

During the protest, tensions escalated into violence. Police intervened, arresting several demonstrators and deploying tear gas. Currently, around 200 protesters are in police custody.

In a striking fulfillment of a prophecy made by Nigerian prophet Primate Elijah Ayodele in January, a recent development has come to pass within President Ruto’s administration. This event underscores Ayodele’s foresight and the significant impact his predictions continue to have on political landscapes.

A prophet who accurately predicted Ruto’s victory in the 2022 presidential election issued a warning earlier this year. He foresaw that President Ruto would introduce some startling economic policies.

In a striking prophecy published by prominent outlets like, Primate Ayodele has foretold a tumultuous future for President William Ruto. According to the prophecy, despite Ruto’s earnest efforts to improve Kenya, his endeavors will go unappreciated. The opposition is predicted to mount a formidable resistance, challenging his initiatives and stirring political unrest. This revelation casts a shadow over Ruto’s administration, suggesting a period of significant political strife and unacknowledged achievements.

These were his words:

‘’Kenya: The country should pray not to see an assassination or removal of a governor. The country’s economic policy will be alarming. Ruto will come up with different policies to see that Kenya gets better but he won’t be appreciated. Oppositions will come out strongly against him. All the efforts of Ruto to make Kenya better will be faced with challenges. The president needs to look after his health. The foreign exchange will not be too good, and Kenya must change its economic policies. I see the country getting it wrong in diplomatic policies. The president must pray not to lose any minister.’’

In 2024, one of the six prophetic warnings given to Kenya’s president has come to fruition, marking a significant development in the nation’s ongoing narrative. This event underscores the gravity of the prophecies and their impact on the country’s future