Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy Comes True With Attempted Military Coup In DR Congo (WATCH VIDEO) 🎊 The Scoper Media 

Primate Ayodele's Prophecy Comes True With Attempted Military Coup In DR Congo (WATCH VIDEO) 🎊 The Scoper Media 

In a world where true prophets are rare, Primate Ayodele’s ministry stands as a testament that God still communicates with His chosen servants. His work demonstrates that genuine prophets, called by God, continue to exist today.

Since founding his ministry in 1994, Primate Ayodele has risen to prominence, establishing himself as a formidable figure in the prophetic realm. His influence extends far beyond Nigeria and Africa, resonating on a global scale.

Renowned as the ‘Prophet of Doom,’ Primate Ayodele has earned a reputation for his prophetic warnings that consistently come true. His steadfast connection to the divine is evident in the precise fulfillment of his prophecies, reinforcing his status as a true oracle whose words are both feared and respected.

In December, President Felix Tshisekedi secured a sweeping victory in the DR Congo elections. Remarkably, this outcome was foretold by Primate Ayodele, a prophet known for his accurate predictions. Yet, Ayodele’s insights did not stop at the election results. He also warned of turbulent times ahead, including a dire prophecy of an attempted coup in the nation.

These were his words

‘’As a matter of fact, there’s every tendency of the military taking over in DR Congo. Let them wake up, this election….it will be serious, it won’t be just an election.’’

In a dramatic turn of events in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s capital, a deadly confrontation unfolded, resulting in three fatalities. Armed men, dressed in military uniforms, clashed violently with the security team of a prominent politician. The military has characterized this intense shootout as an attempted coup, raising tensions and uncertainty in the nation.

Armed assailants launched an attack on the Kinshasa home of Vital Kamerhe, a prominent federal legislator and candidate for the Speaker of the National Assembly in the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, their attempt was thwarted by Kamerhe’s vigilant security team. The incident was confirmed by Kamerhe’s spokesman, Michel Moto Muhima, on social media.

In a recent report, the army disclosed that the masterminds behind the attempted coup were predominantly foreign nationals or Congolese expatriates. According to Al Jazeera’s Alain Uaykani, the military revealed that several of the apprehended suspects held US and Canadian passports, highlighting an international dimension to the foiled plot.