PRIMATE AYODELE’S PROPHECY HITS BULLSEYE: Exposes Nyesom Wike’s Hidden Agenda Within PDP (Watch Video) 🎊 The Scoper Media 

By Olayinka Adediran

Yesterday’s national executive council (NEC) meeting of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) showcased the unwavering influence of Nyesom Wike, the former governor of Rivers state, and his formidable G-5 faction within the party. Despite their opposition to the party’s presidential candidate in the 2023 election, their power and unity remained steadfast, leaving a lasting impression on party insiders and observers alike.

Before the NEC gathering convened, whispers among political pundits foretold a stormy reception for Nyesom Wike, the serving minister with ties to the opposition party. Many braced for his exclusion, anticipating political discord. Yet, as the doors swung open yesterday, the atmosphere shifted. Like a plot twist in a gripping drama, Wike was welcomed with open arms, defying expectations. His presence, once thought contentious, became a symbol of inclusivity and the potential for bipartisan cooperation. The former Rivers state governor’s admission into the meeting not only surprised but also sparked conversations about unity and the evolving landscape of Nigerian politics

Despite mounting pressure from various factions within the party for Umar Damagum to step down as acting national chairman, his continued tenure amidst calls for change only serves to highlight the enduring influence of Nyesom Wike within the party ranks. Despite Wike’s divergent actions, his firm grasp on the party remains undeniable, casting a shadow of intrigue over the party’s internal dynamics

In a tapestry woven with the threads of prophecy and politics, the sage words of Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele, echoed through the corridors of time. With prescient clarity, he cautioned the PDP, urging its stewards to fortify their foundation before the tempest of division struck. In the annals of 2023, his voice rang out, foretelling the looming specter of destruction, a rift that threatened to cleave the party asunder.

At the heart of his prophecy stood a figure, both formidable and enigmatic: Nyesom Wike. A strategist shrouded in ambition, his gaze fixed firmly on the mantle of leadership, not merely within the party’s confines but upon the grand stage of the nation itself.

Prophet Ayodele’s words painted a portrait of intent, hinting at Wike’s intricate machinations, his bid to shape the course of the PDP’s destiny, a stepping stone on his path to the presidency.

Yet, amidst the foreboding shadows, there lay an opportunity, a clarion call for introspection and unity. For within the tapestry of prophecy, threads of hope

shimmered, whispering of a path not of division but of reconciliation, where the party’s leaders, galvanized by the prophet’s warning, could mend the fractures and forge a stronger, more resilient foundation.

In the crucible of challenge, there lay the seeds of transformation. Through wisdom and collective resolve, the PDP could rise above the currents of change and shape the destiny of a nation.

These were his words:

‘’There is a force ready to destroy PDP, if the party doesn’t rise to these big challenges, the party will be separated. One party will go to another party and that will be very tough. PDP should put their house together. Wike has a strategy because he still aims to become a president in Nigeria and is still willing to take over the party. He has not relent in his efforts of becoming president and is ready to hold PDP…..He will want to install the next chairman of PDP and this will begin to cause friction in the party. PDP must watch this’’

It is worthy of note that Primate Ayodele has been warning PDP to be wary of Wike’s grievances since 2022. Long before the formation of G-5 governors, Primate Ayodele warned that five governors including Nyesom Wike will work against PDP in the presidential election. He advised the party’s candidate and leadership to ensure the former governor doesn’t leave the party because it will cause jeopardy.

‘’PDP should not allow Wike to leave because if he leaves, the chances of the party in the presidential election will be jeopardized. What Wike is dragging can cause PDP so much that Atiku should try to adjust, and this is not about dominating.

‘’If PDP does not settle its crisis, the party will go into oblivion after 2023; Atiku should consult God, technocrats, and those that love him; otherwise, this Wike’s crisis can sink PDP.’’

The current turmoil gripping the party traces its roots to the pivotal moment when Nyesom Wike withdrew his support, sending shockwaves through its foundation. As rifts deepened, the party found itself teetering on the precipice of oblivion, with the grievances of Wike and the G-5 group looming large. Even before these events unfolded, Primate Ayodele’s prophetic insight had illuminated the path, warning of impending challenges. Yet, regrettably, the leadership chose not to heed the prophetic counsel, a decision that now echoes with consequences. Amidst this tempest, lies the opportunity for introspection and transformation, a chance for the party to realign its purpose, reconcile differences, and emerge stronger, guided by a renewed vision for the future.