Seeing Beyond Primate Elijah Ayodele’s Prophecies By Ukhueleigbe Zaccheus ✓✓ The Scoper Media 

     Without doubt, when the name Primate Elijah Ayodele is mentioned in Nigeria, with the exception of members of his INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, what comes to mind is an image of a controversial and courageous man of God, emboldened by the Holy Spirit, to speak truth to power without fear. Little wonder he bears the name of Prophet Elijah, who was a constant threat to the evil king, Ahab.

Where others feared to go, Primate Ayodele threads there. Renowned for his prophecies and how often they come to pass, it only takes one sent by God himself to exhibit that boldness.

However, there is more to Primate Ayodele than his prophecies. He is a philanthropist per excellence who has taken it upon himself to bring succour to the lives of people.

As part of actvities to mark his birthday, the God’s general gave out five cars, five tricycles, five buses and more than ₦25 million naira empowerment package to journalists, widows, needy and students.

A cheque of N200,000 was presented each to 11 journalists to empower them for supporting the man of God over the years. Primate Ayodele also promised to pay the sum of N350,000 for one of the empowered journalists who has issues with his sight.

This act was a culmination of the 17-day appreciation and philanthropic activities which Primate Ayodele started on Sunday, January 29, 2023.

As we raise our glasses and chorus a happy birthday to the him, it is high time people see beyond the prophecies to the largess of his heart. Happy birthday, Primate.

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