THE MAN AT INRI: His Pre-eminence Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele 🎊 The Scoper Media

By Otunba Hon. SMO. Awobeku

The Patriarch at INRI (Primate Ayodele) needs no introduction.

He is a man of God massively chosen by Him to bring people closer to Jesus Christ both in words and deeds. He is an indubitable quintessential embodiment of what Christ came for, died for and bequeathed to mankind.

The paradigmatization exuded by the Primate to the worship and belief system in Christendom is nonpareil.

The man of God adequately exemplifies the tenets of postulated religious practices and doctrines enunciated by Jesus Christ himself.

One of the most glittering divine gifts of the man of God is that of ability to make pin- point and adequate prophesies and prognostications unveiled to him by God.

The God-given clairvoyant ability to the man of God is very unique and cannot be overemphasised. He gives global prophesies on events of any nations, on geo-political issues and the necessary attendant recipe or panacea to any negative predictions.

In his annual published prophecy for the year 2024, most of the contents of the prophecy have seen the light of the day by being confirmed.

One of them was that there could be new waves of banditry, Boko haram insurgency and deadly attacks. The abduction of school children in Kaduna, Ekiti and kidnapping in Katsina, Benue, Plateau and host of others are there for all to see.

The recent killing of the officers and men of Nigerian soldiers in Delta is also a pointer to the prophecy.

The prediction that the jailed Russian opposition leader (Alexei Navalny) would die in prison before the election came to pass.

His prognostication that President Sall of Senegal might lose to opposition leader Mr. Faye who was in prison and it came to pass.

His prediction that the price of a bag of rice would soon go for N30,000 in 2022 was rubbished by some people who called him the prophet of doom and threw a lot of vitriols at the illustrious man of God. But today, a bag of rice goes for at least N80,000.

He once predicted waves of military putsch in Africa. More than five cases of military coups have taken place since then.

He predicted the war between Russia and Ukraine in December 2021. The war commenced on the 24th February, 2022 and is still on-going.

He prophesied the volatile situation in Sudan; and the situation there is still tense and horrendously disastrous.

At this juncture, Primate E.B. Ayodele can be aptly described as the biblical Elijah reincarnated.

Therefore, refusal to heed the man of God’s prophecies by anyone, institutions or governments might bring unexpected irredeemable catastrophic situations. The primate may also be proclaimed as the Nostradamus of the modern world.

Apart from dishing out accurate prophecies, the man at INRI epitomises thought-provoking religious practices. Whilst most religious organisations profess churchical and ecclesiastical indoctrinations, the man of God is always of the view that being pious may not make one eligible as a true man of God as decreed by Jesus Christ himself having modified the Pentateuch envisioned by Almighty God.

He’s of the view that attending church services alone only makes you to be pious and not godly. There is a contradistinction between piety and godliness. You are godly when you make yourself readily available to bless the needy either known to you or not. It is only when you are in line with the ordinance decreed by the Christ Jesus that you are worthy of Kingdom material and candidacy.

Primate Ayodele massively blesses the needy both members and non- members of the church superintendent by him.

He opens his eyes and hands of mercy to the people through various empowerment programmes. Funds are released to the small and medium – scale business entrepreneurs irrespective of the religious practices. In fact, the largesse is extended to the security men and community members.

Scholarship opportunities have been made available to the brilliant and indigent students with a view to enabling them pursue tertiary education.

The man of God makes provision for highly subsidized medical services to the people, selling food items to the people at an exponential subsidization. For instance, he bought a bag of rice for N80,000 and sold it for N20,000. The subsidization goes for other food items purchased by his Pre-eminence.

The all-round activities of the man of God have massively created an undiminishable endearment to Christ Jesus.

The man of God is unbelievably humble to a fault. In spite of his age, his status and stature, he treats people with utmost respect. He is very level- headed and not conceited and always eager to raptly listen to the views of others however tangential they might be.

The man of God is very selfless and pragmatic. He thoroughly believes in activities that will promote happiness and pleasure for the generality of the people.

The primate always looks resiliently unflagging, unflapple and indefatigable despite the multitude that wants to see him one – on- one for counselling which he does on a daily basis. I always wonder how a mortal can shoulder such massive responsibilities.

The primate detests and abhors preaching religion. He only preaches the Christ Jesus, our Lord and godliness. This means that non-Christians are never discriminated against as he empowers them beyond their expectations.

The Book of Mark Chapter 6 verse 4 quoted Jesus as saying

“that a Prophet is not without honour, but in his own country and among his own kin and in his own house”. This scriptural passage underscores our refusal to adequately acknowledge and appreciate the values of what we have been blessed with by God in person of Primate Ayodele, who ought to be seen and made a reference and connection point for objective and progressive counsel for the socio-economic and political wellbeing and development and not turning deaf ears to his divine postulations.