PROPHETIC ACCURACY: How Primate Ayodele Prophesied France’s Election Results In ‘Warnings To The Nations 🎊 The Scoper Media 


Just 48 hours after the release of the 30th edition of his annual prophecy book, Warnings To The Nations, Primate Ayodele has made headlines again. His latest prediction about the outcome of the France legislative election has proven to be spot on, as detailed in the newly published edition.

The recent election in France has been hailed as a historic shocker. President Macron’s party suffered a significant defeat, losing its stronghold in a dramatic turn of events. While no single party has secured a majority, the ruling party’s grip on power has undeniably weakened, marking an unprecedented shift in French politics.

In a surprising turn of events, a coalition of leftist parties has emerged victorious, securing the majority of seats in the French legislative elections following the second round of voting. This alliance, united by a shared vision of progressive reforms, has successfully captured the public’s support, signaling a potential shift in the country’s political landscape.

In his prophetic work “Warnings To The Nations” (2024/2025 edition), Primate Ayodele foresaw a tumultuous future for the far-right party. On page 402, he vividly described a scenario where the party’s stronghold would crumble, leading to a significant loss of seats in the upcoming election. This prediction cast a shadow over their political ambitions, as Ayodele’s words hinted at an impending downfall that would throw the party into disarray.

‘’France Election: The Far-right will put the ruling party in Jeopardy as they will lose so many seats in the parliament.’’

On page 388, Primate Ayodele delivered a stark message to President Macron, foretelling a wave of public dissent. He warned that the populace, driven by discontent, would rise in protest against Macron in the upcoming elections. The prophecy painted a vivid picture of widespread demonstrations, underscoring the volatile political climate and the challenges that lay ahead for the French leader.

‘’Emmanuel Macron will also see a protest against the coming elections, which he will call for. They will protest against him.’’

The recent electoral defeat of the far-right party signals a significant protest against President Macron, echoing the predictions of Primate Ayodele. Remarkably, the compilation of the prophecy booklet, “WTN,” began in March due to its extensive 435-page content. Given its size, the booklet couldn’t have been completed in just a few weeks, suggesting that this accurate prophecy was documented well in advance.

In recent months, Primate Ayodele has repeatedly cautioned President Emmanuel Macron about certain policies that could incite public opposition. The prophet specifically advised Macron to exercise caution in his decision-making, warning that some of his choices might provoke widespread dissent against his administration.

‘’France: The president will take a decision that will make his government unpopular. He must be careful so that he will not be attacked and lead the soldiers to a war that won’t succeed. The country should be careful against terrorist attacks and shootings. There will be protests against President Macron and I see a religious crisis. France must be watchful against deadly natural disasters. I see workers going on strike, slumping economy.’’

To cap it all, the recent election results have highlighted the accuracy of Primate Ayodele’s prophecies, as detailed in his book, “Warnings To The Nations.” Notably, the book foresaw outcomes for figures like Emmanuel Macron and Rishi Sunak. Macron’s election success and Sunak’s party losing its majority in the UK parliament both align with Primate Ayodele’s predictions, underscoring the significance of his prophetic insights.