Roses Ministry Empowers Widows, Needy In Lagos By Cleopatra Eki  }{ The Scoper Media 


    No fewer than 3,000 widows, vulnerable women and children have benefitted from the largess of Roses ministries in order to keep them and families together happy and alive.
Mrs. Regina Ezenwa, Founder Roses ministries,addressing widows at the event held Babs Animashun street Surulere Lagos. She disclosed that the
non- profit organisation, has continued to invest on widows, youth and families to eliminate the cycle of poverty and building strength of character in the next generation.
These widows were given free food items, such as rice, groundnut oil, bread, tomatoes pastes, seasonings and wrappers among others.

Some dignitaries and speakers that graced the event were Vice- Chairman, Board of Trustees, Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, Chairman and top executives, Access Bank support among others.

According to her, The foundation has continuously provided medical and Pharmaceutical care since 2010, the widows and children had free Health consultation and meditation till date.

In addition , “Roses Ministry has empowered widows and vulnerable women over the years, with skills acquisition training, such as small-scale manufacturing of dish washing liquid, anti-septic, air freshener, perfume, insecticides, bead-making and wire works and hat making, as well as services such as catering, make-up and gele tying-she added
Ezenwa disclosed that “We are raising educationally and morally sound youths who will impact their generation, through seminars, counselling, scholarships for education and skills acquisition programmes, marriage counselling and hope of restoration to broken relationships as well as restore the dignity of womanhood.”

Dr Ije Jidenma, Chief Executive Officer, Leading Edge Consulting & Past President, Chartered Institute of Directors Nigeria, emphasized that “These are indeed trying times for all. It is particularly hard on widows since they are sole bread winners in their families.
She advised that they collaborate with others .” It is important not to isolate themselves. There is strength in doing things together. Community engagements such as provided by organisations like Roses Ministry would be quite useful in fulfilling both their physiological and social needs “-she added.

“Human beings are social beings so the gathering together gives a sense of belonging , reinforces their self esteem and provides the opportunity to be of service to each other. Many of them are volunteers. There is joy intrinsic in giving . Widows should endeavour to be part of giving of their time and talent even if they do not have treasures. It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Widows should therefore relieve themselves from victimhood feeling to a place of equal humanity.

“We all have the responsibility to see to this by encouraging the active communal participation of widows . This will help them feel good and be far from mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression”-Jidenma emphasized.

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