A man who met a woman online was shocked to discover that she was actually his son’s wife when they met for the first time

  Wang, the 57-year-old Chinese man, arranged to meet Lili at a hotel in Muling City in the Heilongjiang province when he made the awkward discovery.

   If that was not strange enough, Wang’s son (and Lili’s husband) Da Jun had followed her to the rendezvous after discovering her online liaison and was equally disturbed to find his father waiting for her.

  Wang said: ‘How could the person who gets a room with me be my son’s wife?’

  In a rage, his son Da Jun allegedly beat Wang and his wife causing her to lose three teeth.

  Wang, who used the online alias ‘Good at understanding others,’ had retired two years before and enjoyed meeting people online.

  Lili was a stay-at-home mother and her husband Da Jun was a long-haul cargo truck driver who spent long stretches away for work. She went by the alias ‘Lonely flowers and plants’.

   The pair met on an online chat room one night and decided to send each other a picture of themselves. Lili sent a photograph of an attractive friend while Wang sent one of a friend from his days in the military.

  Happy with what they saw, the pair arranged to meet at a hotel in the city at 6pm one night.

   Wang claimed to be the director of a company and that he was single after his wife had died two years before.

  Lili said her husband was serving a five-year jail sentence for brawling and that she lived at home with her son.

   On the day of the fateful meeting, Da Jun arrived home from a long-haul trip from Harbin ahead of schedule only to discover Lili’s online discussions with ‘Good at understanding others’. He also saw evidence of her rendezvous plans.

   In a bid to catch her red-handed, Da Jun phoned his wife and told her he had to leave again for work. Not suspecting the ruse, Lili dropped their son off at her parent’s house and travelled to the hotel.

  When Wang opened the door, Lili was shocked to find that the man was in fact her father-in-law. In shock, she said, ‘this was a misunderstanding,’ and turned to leave the hotel when Da Jun revealed himself and confronted the pair.

  Da Jun said: ‘I’m out there working my a*s off to earn money, half-dead with fatigue, and all the while you two are messing around.’

  As he beat his father, hotel staff called the police who detained all three.

  Officers from the Bamiantong Town Muling City police station questioned Wang and Lili while Da Jun was detained for five days for assaulting his father.

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