Sad, So Sad, Outrage As Medical Doctor Slumps, Dies On Duty 1 Month After Wedding 🎊 The Scoper Media

Some medical doctors and netizens have expressed anger and frustration over the death of Dr. Saghir Mahmoud, who died on duty as a result of what his colleagues called prolonged working hours

In a heartfelt outpouring of grief on X on Tuesday, a colleague, Dr. Elamin Eya, using the handle @mumtazin, voiced the collective anguish of the medical community over the death of Dr. Mahmoud, whom he said got married barely a month ago.

According to Dr. Eya, Mahmoud tragically collapsed succumbed after a prolonged battle for his health. His death has reignited urgent calls for reform in the healthcare sector, particularly concerning the grueling work hours imposed on medical personnel.

Dr. Eya’s message detailed the circumstances leading to Dr. Mahmoud’s passing, noting, “Heart broken by the news of Dr. Saghir Mahmoud’s Death.💔 He collapsed barely a month after his wedding and has been battling till he finally gave up today. Another one Gone, just like that. The so-called ‘Noble profession’ that takes care of everyone unless the caregivers.”

The post also highlighted a severe issue concerning punitive work policies, mentioning the case of another doctor, referred to as @testyduja, who was penalised with an “Extra call” for arriving late after a grueling 48-hour shift.

Dr. Eya condemned the practice as “sheer wickedness,” saying, “The inhumane practices of long working hours must be reviewed. @MDCNOfficial we cannot take it anymore.

“@nard_nigeria must look into the issue of @testyduja who was given an Extra call because he went home to change and arrived late at work after he had done a 48 HOURS CALL.💔 EXTRA CALL is sheer wickedness and you should be ashamed if you have given it before.

Furthermore, Dr. Eya appealed directly to prominent figures and organizations, including the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (@MDCNOfficial), the Nigerian Association of Resident Doctors (@nard_nigeria), and its President @DeleAbdullahi1, urging them to abolish the draconian policy of “EXTRA CALL.”

The post ended with a hashtag #abolish32hrsworkeverycallday, which has since gained traction on social media with fellow medical doctors and other netizens lamenting over the situation.

As the hashtag spreads, there is a growing clamour for immediate changes to ensure that healthcare workers, who are at the forefront of saving lives, are themselves protected from inhumane work conditions