School Owner Flees Abroad After Collecting WAEC, NECO Fees From Students In Ibadan 🎊 The Scoper Media 

A school owner in Ibadan, Mr Sunday Adeyemi, has allegedly absconded with funds collected from students for WAEC and NECO exam fees, leaving the students’ education in limbo.

According to Adejoke Lasisi, founder of Planet 3R, who shared the incident on Facebook, some parents had borrowed money to pay the fees, only to discover that their children had not been registered for the exams.

Adejoke expressed outrage, stating that the school owner sold his properties, including his house and school, to fund his relocation abroad, thereby ruining the students’ lives.

She narrated a similar personal experience where her younger brother was affected by a similar incident, but they managed to raise funds for him to re-register for the exam.

Adejoke lamented that the school owner, who had run “The Lord’s Favour” school for over 20 years, had betrayed the trust of parents and students, using their hard-earned money to flee the country. She emphasized that while people have the right to travel abroad, it should be done with their own resources, not at the expense of others