The Big Brother 7 reunion which started on the 19th of June has gotten fans talking and social media buzzing. Taking center stage are some of the comments, actions and reactions by the season 7 housemates while they were in the house. So far, the reunion has played to the metaphorical term that says ‘ The chicken has come home to roost. Here’s the gist so far.


Adekunle’s Newsletter Brouhaha

Adekunle’s famous newsletter made its way to the topic of discussion on Tuesday. Fans will recall that Adekunle posted on his page saying that the trip to South Africa was sponsored by Pepsi and implying that some of the housemates live fake lives. 

At the time it looked like the statement was directed at Sheggz who purchased a bottle of Azul tequila during an outing in South Africa. According to, a 750ml bottle of Azul tequila is worth R3,999 in South Africa. 

Adekunle in his defense said he was unaware of the Azul situation as he was not in the same section of the club at the time. He also said Christy O was the only housemate who approached him for clarification. 


Eloswag’s Betrayal of Pharmsavi

During the reunion, Pharmsavi mentioned that Eloswag put him up for eviction and that’s why he was eliminated early in the season. He said ‘“Eloswag and I were very close during lockdown but when he won the head of house. I was so happy & I congratulated him. I was shocked to have my name nominated for eviction and he is my guy. I felt betrayed.” There was no mention of a possible reconciliation between these two ex-friends.


Chichi and Deji’s Situationship

Tensions were high and pettiness was on full alert on Wednesday as Chichi and Deji got into a heated argument over their failed relationship. It all started when Chichi accused Deji of manipulating and leading her on without clearly stating his intentions toward her. In his defense, Deji stated that he had been upfront about not being in a relationship with Chichi. 

The tension went from hot to molten when Chichi accused Deji of sleeping with older women to fund his lifestyle after Deji said that Big Brother Naija was like a poverty alleviation scheme for Chichi. Chichi said “I thought you said Big Brother Naija was not a big thing for you. “But you literally have no money in your pocket so shut up. “At least I’m not having sex with different old women to sustain my lifestyle,”.


Love Connections and Triangles

Daniella and Khalid were a couple until Khalid got evicted and Dotun came into the picture and became the third side of the triangle. During the show, Daniella said he didn’t find being in the same space as Khalid strange since they kept in touch after the show. Khalid while clarifying his position stated that his relationship with Daniella was a thing of the past while Dotun said he already had a conversation with Khalid shortly after leaving the Big Brother house stating that the situation was not as deep as it seemed. 

The gba gbos continues today and we can’t wait to see what happens. Just time into Africa Magic Urban (ch. 8) at 10.00 pm and Africa Magic Family 10.30 pm (ch 7) on GOtv

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