See Real Reason I Wear MohBad Clothes โ€“ Father ๐ŸŽŠ The Scoper Media

MohBad's father

Joseph Aloba, father of the late afrobeats sensation Mohbad, has explained why he wears his sonโ€™s clothes.

The Nation reported that since the death of his son, Aloba has faced barrage of criticism, including demands for a DNA test from his daughter-in-law, inquiries into the rushed burial of his son, disputes over property and numerous other issues.

During a brief recent interview conducted by TikTok influencer @kachi_wire_, Mohbadโ€™s father,  directly tackled the accusations of wearing his late sonโ€™s clothes.

He explained that he and his son shared the same sizes of outfits, dismissing criticisms as ridiculous.

Aloba firmly stated that his priority is seeking justice for his son, brushing off distractions from what he deemed as โ€˜rubbishโ€™ comments from others.

โ€œMohbad is my son and I can wear his clothes, we both wear the same size of clothes, anybody that doesnโ€™t like the fact that I am wearing my late sonโ€™s clothes is free to say whatever they like, my only focus right now is To get justice for my late son,โ€ he said partly.ย