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    A former staff of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN, Aliyu Ibrahim, who battered his wife, Nafeesah, an Adamawa based female journalist, has reported himself to the police to explain the reason behind his actions.
According to the reports, Adamawa Police state had launched a manhunt for Ibrahim, who recently lost his job and went into hiding after brutalizing his wife.

      However, Ibrahim reportedly came out of hiding on Sunday and presented himself to the police, confessing that he was pushed to beat his wife by jealousy.

Speaking about the incident, a member of the state’s chapter of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Blessing Tunoh present at the station during Ibrahim’s confession told the Whistler that he apologized to the Police for disappearing for four days after the incident.

According to Tunoh, Ibrahim reportedly said, ” I saw my wife when she came out of a man’s car and I was jealous.

“Before I knew what was happening, I was overcome by jealousy and I didn’t know when I started beating her.”

He was said to have regretted his action “as a terrible thing” and “a great mistake’ and had went into hiding out of fear of the consequences of his action.

However, his estranged wife, Nafeesah, contradicted Ibrahim in her statement to the police.

According to her, on the day that he beat her, he told her that he was tired of the marriage and had divorced her.

She narrated that while packing her load out of his house, he pushed her onto the bed and began to beat and hit her with his fist, until her son held him by the leg to allow her to escape.

The Police Public Relations Officer Adamawa State, Suleiman Yahaya Nguroje, confirmed the development in a phone call: “The husband has been in police custody since two days ago and the Commissioner Of Police has directed that he should be transferred to state Criminal Investigation Department (CID), considering the nature of the offence and the situation on ground.

“So as I’m talking to you right now, the State CID has been directed to take over the case and we are equally directed to gather material evidence that has to do with the case. And as soon as that is on ground, the command is going to charge him to court for the law to take its cause.”

This is clarion call to everyone especially husband and wife that we must always be very patient with ourselves so as to live peacefully.

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