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Shocking Revelation As 70 Year Old Man Celebrates Birthday By Releasing The Names Of All 219 Women He Has Slept With }{ The Scoper Media

There is drama on the social media currently following an action by a popular socialite who decided to celebrate his 70th birthday in one of the most unprecedented manner.

The man, Francis Van-Lare had announced that he will be posting a list of women he has slept with in his lifetime to celebrate his 70th birthday but many didn’t expect it to be alarming until he shared the list.

Francis Van-Lare has now released up to three lists containing women he claimed to have slept with. so far, he has mentioned 191 names.

Among them names listed is Amara Nwosu, a popular Nigerian supporter of Labour party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi. He also mentioned that he will release names of men that attempted to sleep with him.

Francis Van-Lare, 70, is currently trending after releasing the names of 219 women he slept with to celebrate his birthday.


The ex-husband of relationship counsellor Amara Nwosu took to Facebook to share their names in batches

This is how he intends to commemorate his 70th birthday, according to him.

He had intended to post their photos alongside their names, but Facebook wouldn’t let him.

The man has promised to write a book with their names and photos in it the following year.

He specified in the list, the women who were experts at particular sex styles.

This list has attracted lots of attention and many Netizens have taken to the comments to share their thoughts.

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Some reactions here

@od_manuel asked: “What’s the essence of doing this? As long as he doesn’t have their surnames, it means nothing.”

@Callipers_ cried: “I just saw my Landlady’s name on the list 😭”

@ayanfenikky wrote: “That one na big achievement for him”

@Mansaah_Musa reacted: “Lmao 🤣 Baba said next year, he will attach photos.
It really will not make sense at all if he should attach photos”

@AjaoSelim said: “This one still get strength nah ment 😂”

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