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SHOCKING VIDEO! Moment Sidechick Hides Outside Balcony To Escape Sugar Daddy’s Wife √√ The Scoper Media


   A video has captured the shocking moment a sidechick hid outside the balcony fence to escape the wrath of her sugar daddy’s wife.


The man’s wife had apparently returned home without informing her husband of her arrival.

In a bid to escape being seen by the woman, the side chick who was scantily dressed jumped over the balcony and stood hidden on a ledge on the wall.

The man could be seen arguing with his wife on the balcony as neighbours watched the unfolding drama.

When they finished arguing, the wife began descended down the stairs while the sidechick quickly climbed over the balcony to escape.

The sidechick had quickly gathered her stuff without putting them on to head out.

She creeped outside, poking her head outside first to see whether the wife was close by or hiding.

When she saw her chance, she quickly made a dash to escape; unfortunately for her, neighbours quickly alerted the wife who saw the sidechick running away and immediately gave her a hot chase.

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