Soldier falls down shouting ‘La ilaha illalah’ after taking Colorado + Video ~ The Scoper Media


  A Soldier in uniform alleged to have taken an illicit drug, Colorado, has been seen in a video behaving abnormally while screaming: “La ilaha illalah.”

  Colorado is a street name for synthetic cannabinoid, which is classified as a psychoactive substance, and taken by youths.

   It is also known as Black mamba, Amsterdam gold, Devil’s weed, X, Mary joy, annihilation, Tai high and Hawaiian haze.

  The video showed the young Nigerian Officer falling off a yellow plastic chair in what looks like an open bar with a swimming pool while holding a plastic water bottle believed to be empty in his hand

  Also, some witnesses could be seen around the Soldier attempting to save him from the effects of the drug he allegedly took.

  A background voice could be heard calling for water to save him, while noting that the soldier was under the influence of Colorado.

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