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By Cleopatra Eki



    An appeal has been made to governments and society to cater for people living with Disabilities.

Engr. Sunday Ibironke chairman of occasion made the call at the Federal Nigeria Society for the Blinds Open and funds raising day held in Oshodi Lagos.

He has stressed the need for equal opportunities and inclusiveness for people living with Disabilities( PLWDs)
They need empathy and not pity.According to him,” l am a part of this family, and disclosed that he has a son and a mother now with disability “.

Ibironke emphasized that” we are all prone to becoming visually impair either through accident, old age, diseases or other ailments.” He urged us invest on people with disabilities who can’t pay us back in our environment.

Mrs Ayopeju Njideaka, Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Nigeria Society for the Blinds urged stakeholders individuals and corporate organizations to support the welfare and projects of visually impaired ,also by buying their products and engaging them.The products includes tye &dye Adire, liquid soap, key holders, hand -made bags, baskets among others.The Open day project will be done quarterly to bring people to interact with the blind and to generate funds.

She emphasized that blindness is not mental issue, so the blind has opportunity to get be rehabilitated and live life with full potentials again.

Mr Fusi Akinkugbe Chairman, Executive council said Today , the students will exhibit a lot of new skills they learnt , by reading with braille using assistive ICT and knowledge based to project their works.
Federal Nigeria Society for the Blind programme is committed to empowering and promoting the social, economic and political inclusion of the visually impaired through our rehabilitation programmes to ensure that they are once again useful to themselves and the society.-he stressed.

“This will go a long way in supporting our efforts and work towards breaking down barriers affecting the visually impaired.”‘
Mr Philip Oluwole, former student and teacher Federal Nigeria Society For The Blind appreciated the schools and stakeholders for empowering us to add value to the society. Our visually impaired students are motivated, inspired and trained effectively and can accomplish their daily tasks with ease.
He urged families to promote self-reliance among the visually impaired as this will make it easier for them and relatives to care for them without abandoning their own daily economic and other activities.
Speaking on behalf of the blind persons, Mr Gideon Ogbona urged government and stakeholders to address better life and co -existence in the society.

The highpoint were guests conducted around the exhibitions ground, ICT class , music studio where they were entertained by students with gospel secular and rap Music.
There was paralympic football event by blind participants.

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