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 By Cleopatra Eki


   Concerned about curbing infants’ mortality, improve the well-being of vulnerable children, Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) has received grant for the project.
HEI hosted a delegation from TotalEnergies EP Nigeria Staff Multipurpose Cooperative Limited (“TotalEnergies Cooperative”), who presented a grant of N5,000,000 (Five Million Naira) in Lagos.

Executive Director HEI, Paschal Achunine disclosed that the primary objective of this funding is to combat infant mortality, with a particular focus on children aged 0 to 5, especially those with non-chronic diseases such as malaria, typhoid fever, meningitis, sepsis, tetanus, malnutrition, pneumonia, jaundice, measles, one-off blood transfusion, and oxygen therapy, etc.

The scheme covers over eight public health facilities, with each beneficiary receiving a maximum of N30,000.00
In addition, “the grant would also provide for the donation of two electronic suction machines, an oxygen concentrator, and four dozen chairs for patients at Massey Street Children’s Hospital, Lagos.”

This grant marks a significant achievement for HEI and reinforces its commitment to saving young lives.
The decision to award HEI this grand prize is a testament to the organization’s outstanding credibility, impact-driven Programmes, and unwavering commitment to transparency in all its endeavours.

HEI, Boss Paschal Achunine, thanked the leadership and members of the Cooperative “for their unrelenting support and empathy for the social well-being of underserved communities and vulnerable Nigerians” and expressed optimism that more beneficiaries would be supported in 2023 through the partnership.

According to him,”Health Emergency Initiative (HEI) is a credible NGO that has assisted and brought succour to more than 5,800 indigent and vulnerable patients and accident victims across Lagos state and six other states in Nigeria. It is also a recipient of the Best Supporting NGO Award from Lagos State Health Service Commission and the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC).”

Earlier, Mrs. Juliet Okene, President of TotalEnergies Cooperative, “Recent reports that over 15% of children born in Nigeria do not live to witness their 5th birthday are alarming and potentially constitute an existential threat to upcoming generations.” She stressed that urgent and broad-based actions are needed by all to address this malady, encouraging other corporate organizations and public-spirited Nigerians to partner with HEI, given its impeccable records over the last 7 years.

According to her,”As part of its CSR initiatives, TotalEnergies Cooperative, on an annual basis, allocates funds to support various non-governmental organizations working towards community welfare and health improvement.”

TotalEnergies Cooperative Society is made up of employees of TotalEnergies EP Nigeria and is recognized as one of the most profitable and well-managed cooperative societies in Nigeria, providing quality service driven by ethics, professionalism, integrity, innovation, and internationally accepted corporate governance standards. The Cooperative was recently awarded the “Most Outstanding Cooperative Society (Industrial-Based)” in Lagos State at the 2023 International Cooperative Day.

HEI is very excited and honoured to be the NGO to receive and utilize this grant in Lagos.

TotalEnergies Cooperative, as part of its 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, allocates funds on an annual basis to support various non-governmental organizations across multiple locations in Nigeria.

She concluded that TotalEnergies EP Nigeria Staff Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited (“TotalEnergies Cooperative”) is a leading cooperative society committed to promoting the economic interests of its members and sustainable development by making a positive impact on the communities it serves.

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