.Sterling launches Omni X platform

….breaks new ground In liquidity management for corporates

   In a bid to improve banking experience for non-bank and other financial institutions, corporate clients, UHNIs and HNIs, Sterling Bank Plc has launched a revolutionary digital platform, named Omni X.

   Omni X, an integrated investment and liquidity management platform, presents the Bank’s wide range of digital products and service offerings to users. The novel solutions which is configured to enable businesses invest and raise seamlessly also complements Sterling’s existing corporate Internet banking platform.

   Mr. Yemi Odubiyi, Executive Director, Corporate and Investment Banking, Sterling Bank, who disclosed this in a statement issued by the Bank said, “Omni X is deliberately designed to offer a simple, easy and effective platform to manage the daily liquidity needs of corporates.”

   At a recently held focus group event for captains of industry, the Group Head, Client Coverage and Financial Institutions, Kashetolulope Lawal, highlighted that Omni X would provide convenience to corporate clients by expediting financing decisions, speeding up transaction processing times, automating investment processes, while minimizing the incidence of human errors associated with manual processing to improve customers’ experience and drive business productivity; dovetailing into profitability for users.

   “Omni X becomes an imperative solution for corporates across various sectors to invest and raise financing simultaneously where possible due to; the nature of their businesses, the time sensitivity attached to these activities and the culminating desire for an improved solution that does the most in the shortest time possible.”

   Omni X also incorporates corporate account opening and other services for seamless on-boarding and transaction processing as well as solutions for investments, liquidity management and access to advisory services.

   He also hinted that the platform is designed to simplify the major banking needs of businesses, investments and financing in the financial and other allied services sectors, adding that the innovation is by far more than what any financial institution has done in Nigeria.

   Lawal further added that “beyond the vanilla financial services that can be accessed, Omni X will allow organizations achieve corporate account opening, manage investment and collection services, and access financing solutions including but not limited to cash backed and trade settlement loans.”

  ” Omni X as we have designed it, will solve corporates’ concerns on how to invest, finance and make the most of available capital, in as close to real time as possible. It is yet another statement of commitment by Sterling Bank not just to innovative banking, but also to the Nigerian economy. Omni X will improve their productivity and offer services from the viewpoint of an industry leader,” Lawal said.

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