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 The Global Tech Africa (GTA) Conference returns this year, from the 24th to 26th of July, with innovative solutions to develop Africa’s thriving technological ecosystem, placing a renewed focus on the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI). 
 From what used to be a series of predesigned rules and patterns, has now become a sophisticated system capable of performing intricate tasks with relative ease. With each new breakthrough, artificial intelligence has steadily evolved, influencing almost every aspect of human life.

 According to a CompTIA IT Outlook 2024 report, it is estimated that over 22% of businesses are integrating AI into a wide variety of products and workflows, and a NextMSC report from 2023, estimated the global AI market size to be as large as $207.9 billion.

These statistics hold a promising future for AI adoption in every industry, and Africa is on the path of this global march for economic progress. We can already see some progress happening. In Zanzibar, Tanzania, rural farmers are incorporating an AI-powered app called Nuru into their agricultural processes. Interfacing with their native language of Swahili, the app detects a catastrophic cassava disease before it spreads.

In South Africa, AI models are being used to tackle racial segregation in housing. In Nairobi, Kenya, AI is used to analyse images from surveillance cameras mounted everywhere in the city.

 The potential for AI’s development in Africa is endless. In education, AI can be used to provide personalised lessons, automated grading, and  AI-enabled companions tailored to each student to provide customised feedback and motivation. 

In agriculture, AI algorithms can be incorporated into processes such as precision irrigation, disease detection, crop monitoring, and collation of real-time data on soil health, and crop conditions. This can help farmers make better-informed decisions about crop management, pest control, and fertilisation.

 It goes even further. AI shows useful potential in the health sector as machine learning algorithms such as Neural Networks and Naive Bayes can be used for the detection, diagnosis, and classification of breast cancer.

AI can also be applied in neuroimaging data to assist with early stroke detection and diagnosis. AI has the potential to revolutionise industries, improve lives, and drive economic growth across Africa.

At the GTA Conference, we’re exploring how AI can be leveraged to address pressing challenges, from healthcare and agriculture to education and infrastructure. Get ready to witness the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) as we pave the way for sustainable innovation at the upcoming GTA Conference.

In July, we’re embarking on a journey to harness the potential of AI to drive positive change and shape the future of Africa. Join us as we unlock the endless possibilities of AI and chart a course toward a brighter future for Africa. Register for the GTA Conference 2024 and become a part of this transformative event.

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