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   In about two weeks’ time, a unique but abstract guest will arrive in the world with a grandeur of clues to human problems and an array of clemency with which to serve as a bearer of succour. Its arrival, as usual, will be the divine catalyst with which the long awaited human respite will be ushered into the minds of mankind as a replacement for the current pervading global tribulation. The name of that eagerly awaited Guest is RAMADAN.


   The unique name called Ramadan, is the name of the ninth lunar month in which fasting is divinely ordained by the Almighty Allah. That name is derived from the Arabic word ‘Ramd’ (meaning baking). It is a name that had been in existence before the advent of Islamic calendar. The name was coined from the baking summer that usually followed the then freezing winter.


   Ever since Ramadan became one of the five wings (otherwise called five pillars) of Islamic religion, its mission has been to firm up all loose ends in the life of man. And, it does that with a ruling touch of perfection.


   Human life is full of junctions. And, every junction is an axis at which the baton of life exchanges hands periodically. At a time, that exchange of hands may be smooth. At another time, it may be rough and arduous. Thus, people who find themselves on the side of smoothness today should not expect it to remain so indefinitely. And, those who are in a circumstance of discomfort should not surrender their fates to an enclave of permanent despair. That is a confirmation that comfort and discomfort are two phenomena of life which constantly rotate like days and nights around the axis of human existence. There is no permanency in the ephemeral enclave that we call human life. The rotation by which those phenomena are characterized is not dissimilar from that of weathers. Whenever it is time for that rotation to occur, the Muslim world has no choice but to adapt with absolute confidence in Allah.


   For true believers, the world of man is like an Examination Hall in which success or failure of candidates in that Hall is the main determinant of what may become of the statuses of those candidates here on earth or in the Hereafter. For those who do not want to be tested, however, there is a way out and that is to avoid coming into the world at all. But, can any human being claim to be alive without passing through the ‘Examination Hall’ of life? Allah is so merciful to mankind that He does not leave His creatures to the cobweb of failure without providing an appropriate succour. That is why, at some periods of catastrophe or melancholy, He (Allah) sends agents of mercy to the world in form of Guests.

   Right now, as humanity is wallowing helplessly in a ‘thorny’ valley of an artificial pandemic, a spiritual Guest, deployed by the Almighty Allah, is fast approaching the world with a rescue mission that will soon be greeted with a thunderous chorus of ALLH AKBAR1! (Meaning God is great). The name of that Guest, once again, is RAMADAN.


   Guests, everywhere in the world, are of different types. Some are on a beneficial mission and they are treated with honour because of their acknowledged garland of clues to many knotty issues in human life. Some are bereft of honour because they are on empty missions that have no significant role to play in the life of their hosts. But despite the emptiness of the latter category of guests, they are somehow accommodated with tolerance, if only for their nuisance value. That is the other side of human life which cannot be fully analyzed here.

   In Islam, no plaintive or defendant in a court of law can be a judge in his/her own case just as no examinee can mark his/her own examination paper and award marks to himself/herself. This message can be well understood only by wise readers of this column who are not spiritually fraudulent.


   Each time we talk of guests, most people think of human beings alone in the erroneous belief that no other creature could be qualified for that dignified title. What such people don’t seem to realize consciously is that human beings are just a fraction of Allah’s creatures. There are millions of other creatures that are not often noticed by man. One of such creatures is the phenomenon called ‘Season’ which often influences and sometimes regulates the conduct of environments. Seasons come in different forms with different postures and at different times of the year. They are like the tides of an ocean. They roll out spirally in quick succession and reshape the world’s environment from time to time as they come in multiples of months. No one can measure a season in the absence of months as there can be no seasons without months.


  Yours sincerely can vividly recall the description given to this sacred month in this column, some years back, which is still as relevant today as it was then. That description went thus:

  “Once every year, something creeps glamorously into the world like the early morning light. It moves kaleidoscopically into an arena where the center becomes its stool. It lifts its unraveling veil and beams a special focus on the world with an arresting attention during the days. It envelops the nights in a shroud of divine covenant and links believers’ dreams directly with realistic fulfillments. No one, except the Almighty Allah, knows Ramadan’s port of embarkation and no human being can claim to know its destination. All we know of this sacred month is that of a Guest that is so vividly present in our world and yet so physically invisible. Its arrival in the world is often heralded by a retinue of other lunar months that form its entourage. The two most prominent among those lunar months are ‘Rajab’ and Sha’ban”.


   Traditionally, Ramadan is classified into three segments. The first ten days in the month are said to be of blessings galore for pious Muslims who need Allah’s blessings and seek them spiritually. The second ten days are believed to personify forgiveness for those who realize the gravity of their sinful acts, repent on them and resolve never to return to such sinful acts again. And, the last ten days, are divinely earmarked for spiritual emancipation of mankind from the shackles of satanic slavery. Thus, Ramadan, in the psychological and spiritual comprehension of its mission in the life of mankind, is, by far, beyond an ordinary month. It should really be seen as a whole season that serves as an exemplary template for other seasons. To fully grasp the real gist of this article, please, continue reading about Ramadan in this column next Friday, in sha’Allah. And, while awaiting the glorious arrival of this nonesuch guest, we can, as Muslims, start greeting one another with the unique spiritual slang of RAMAN KARIM in anticipation of its grandiose arrival.


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