TOO BAD! Yoruba Actor, Opebe, Back In Public Buses After Robbers Snatched His Car ๐ŸŽŠ The Scoper Media

Based on how expensive virtually all products have become, this is not a time to lose any valuable possession.

It is very difficult to replace such. Damn too tough!

This is a tough experience that Yoruba film actor, Yomi King,  aka Opebe, has been facing for some time.

Some robbers stole his car and he has not been able to recover it; neither has he secured another one.

The implication is that the Mowe, Ogun State-based actor, who has appeared in many movies, is literally back a in public buses.

He narrated the situation to a younger colleague, Kunle Afod, when he visited him (Opebe) in his home, as part of Afodโ€™s welfare visits to elderly filmmakers in Yoruwood.

Opebe also noted that he had not been very frequent in movies in recent times because the invitations he has been getting are two few.

This prompted Afod to plead with producers to continue to feature him, especially as he is still agile and resourceful.

In an interview in the past, Opebe had noted on how he became popular: โ€œIt was not a movie that made me popular. By the time I made my name, I was on a TV programme called Erinkeke in 1987, on Channel 8. We did a lot of soap operas before the TV station got burnt. Another TV station was built to replace Channel 8. It was called Channel 7 . So, there was an audition and a lot of comedians were there. They wanted a comedian and traditional actor. I was picked alongside Baba Suwe for the Erinkeke programme.โ€