TOUCHING LIVES: Primate Ayodele Hosts Palliative Market To Support Ogun State Residents 🎊 The Scoper Media 

by Kehinde KOLAWOLE

Continuing his dedication to philanthropy, Primate Ayodele organized another edition of his palliative market initiative on Saturday, June 22, 2024. This event took place at the Ijoko branch of his church in Ogun State, offering essential support and relief to the local community.

The palliative market initiative, launched in 2023, has now reached its fourth edition. The inaugural and second editions were hosted at the Lagos headquarters of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church. The third edition marked a special occasion, taking place in Ekiti state to celebrate the establishment of a new church.

At the recent event in Ogun State, Primate Ayodele made a significant impact by drastically reducing the prices of essential food items. Commodities such as rice, noodles, semovita, garri, groundnut oil, and wheat saw their costs slashed, providing much-needed relief to the local community. This gesture, a hallmark of Primate Ayodele’s philanthropic efforts, once again highlighted his commitment to alleviating the burden of high food prices on the populace.

In line with tradition, this year’s market saw brisk sales across a variety of staples. Thirty half bags of rice were sold at N8,000 each, reflecting consistent demand. Paints of garri fetched N500 apiece, while bags of semolina and wheat each went for N2,000. Kegs of groundnut oil were priced at N2,500. Additionally, noodles were a popular item, with small cartons selling for N1,000 and large cartons for N2,000. The marketplace buzzed with activity as customers eagerly purchased these essential goods.

The generosity extended far beyond the church’s congregation, embracing a diverse group that included members of other churches, Muslims, and anyone else in need. Altogether, the initiative benefited approximately 500 individuals, demonstrating an all-encompassing spirit of inclusivity and support.

Primate Ayodele recently explained the motivation behind the palliative market initiative, emphasizing its role in alleviating hardship and assisting the government. He pointed out that this initiative is a response to the severe economic challenges faced by Nigerians. Ayodele assured that his ministry remains committed to running the palliative market until there is a significant reduction in the country’s hardships.


‘’We won’t stop our palliative market till the economy of Nigeria is better. This is our own way of assisting the government because truly, they can’t do it alone. We are also passing a message to the government that there is serious hardship in the country and that there is a need to work on solutions to mitigate this perilous moment.’’

‘’If the government can embrace this kind of initiative and crash the price of food items in the country, hardship will reduce drastically and the people will prefer it. The current prices of food items are causing anguish and pain, the government should do something about it.’’#0