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Two Containers Fall From Trailer, Causes Gridlock in Lagos ✓✓ The Scoper Media


    Commuters are forced to trek due to gridlock as two containers fall on the Mile 12 Bridge.

Commuters along Ikorodu Road are stranded as traffic grinds to a halt after two containers toppled off the back of a trailer on the Mile 12 bridge outbound Ikorodu.

Many have resorted to trekking due to the heavy traffic on the bridge, which has caused a ripple effect as far as the Majidun area of the road.

Officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency are currently making frantic efforts to manage the gridlock resulting from the incident.

Lastma tweeted an update on the situation, stating that “Vehicles are being detoured under the bridge. Traffic backlog at Majidun.” The agency also appealed for patience as it continued to work towards clearing the traffic.

The incident has caused a significant disruption to travel plans for many commuters, with delays expected until the containers are cleared from the road.

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