Uzuakoli ‘Abiaa’ Festival Holds, Organizers Say Event Seeks To Deepen Knowledge Of lineage ~ The Scoper Media


All is now set for the people of Uzuakoli in Bende local government area of Abia State to hold their annual Abiaa traditional festival as organizers say the event is aimed at getting indigenes acquainted with knowledge of their lineage and who their relations are.

Sponsor of this year’s Abiaa festival, Mr Obinali Ihedinobi the CEO Obison Motors in a chat with ABN TV expressed dissatisfaction that other cultural festival of Uzuakoli people are dying, stating that he along with other indigenes of the community will commit their energy and resources to ensure that Abiaa festival does not die.

   Ihedinobi a native of Amankwo Uzuakoli said the knowledge of one’s lineage and, relatives is important in the tradition of the people which is what Abiaa is designed to strengthen.

  “When it comes to Abiaa, your relations from another community will pay you a visit in your home with their children. They will introduce their children and your children will know their relations.

“There is something that happened some time ago, a young man from Uzuakoli met a lady in Lagos State University, brought her home to take her in marriage, not knowing that the lady is her relation.

 “When they came, the parents discovered that the lady is their relation, that made the marriage plan to stop and it caused a lot of problem..

“When we were doing this Abiaa with our old parents, there was no such thing because you must know your relations. That is why we say, let this Abiaa not die, even if other traditional events are dying” he said.

  The Abiaa which usually comes immediately after the new yam festivals sees the five clans in Uzuakoli one after the other hold their Abiaa.

    Amankwo clan will commence its Abiaa festival on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 after which other communities will participate. Mr Obinali Ihedinobi therefore calls on Uzuakoli sons and daughters within and outside the country to come home and be part of this traditional festival




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