(Video) ‘ASHEWO NOR BI WORK,’ Says Nigerian In Europe After Quitting Commercial Sex Job ~ The Scoper Media


     A Nigerian woman has narrated how her life changed for the better after she quit prostitution.

The abroad-based lady, who revealed she finally quit due to the low pay, stated that young girls were being paid as low as €10 per client as at 2013.

According to her, she decided she could do more with herself in 2013, so she stopped being a prostitute and took some courses to upskill herself.

She said that immediately after the course she got a job, which she now uses to fend for herself.


She stated that being a prostitute is a bad trade and urged those who are currently engaged in it to stop.

She maintained strongly that it is better to work than doing Ashewo because men will use and use you and at the end of the day dump you. That one will become useless. 

Therefore, in the video, she advised strongly that ladies shout quit Ashewo business and go for skills so as to be a better women which the society will reckon with.


    In a related development, another Nigerian lady didn’t reckon with this ascertion, this is because she has taken to social media to disclose that she has quit her day job as a SALES REPRESENTATIVE to become a FULL-TIME RUNS GIRL.

   The yet-to-be identified lady, speaking in a video making rounds online, said she arrived at the decision after she was paid N50,000 by a client to service him for one night.

According to her, she has not earned that much in her three months of working as a sales representative, and sees no reason to return to the job.

The lady, who was flaunting some naira notes in the video presumed to be her earnings from her night-out, said she didn’t know prostitution is that lucrative and pays well.

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