.(VIDEO) I Know I Will Go To Hell – Ghanaian Lady Claims She ‘Chops’ People’s Husbands ~ The Scoper Media

Watch the video..

   People may sit down and evaluate their lives, concluding that there is no way they will make it to heaven.

   If a person comes to this conclusion, it means that he or she understands God’s word and believes that heaven and hell exist.

   The young Ghanaian lady in the video upper neath reveals to a presenter that she knows she will not make it to heaven because of the kind of life she lives.

   She claims that the only men she has slept with are married men, and she is well aware that ladies who engage in this activity will never make it to heaven.

   That’s what the lady said. “Some wives are the reasons we take their husbands away from them.” If you’re a wife and don’t teach your husband different bedroom skills, we’ll do it for him if he falls into our trap. Most of the men we’ve slept with complain about their wives’ being boring in the bedroom, but we make them happy. I’m well aware that the way I’m living will lead to my eternal damnation, but I don’t have a choice. This is the way of life I’ve chosen”…

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