WATCH VIDEO: Wife Flogs Her Husband Like A Baby For Cheating On Her ~ The Scoper Media


     An adage has it that ‘Wonders shall never end ‘. A video making rounds online and captured  by The Scoper Media, it’s glaringly revealed a woman being seen giving “WIPING OF LIFE” to her husband over alleged cheating. The man was then seen being naked and begging 

While wiping his buttock with sizes of cane placed on their matrimonial bed, the man was seen crying, lamenting and his p-tin dangling as he received his punishment for suspected cheat. The man couldn’t do anything at all and the wife continue with the beating 

Many reactions has trailed the video. Many opined that the man maybe under a spell by the woman.

These are some of the reasons from people..


@susie_real..”Na waooo, this life no balance ooo, see this babe beating her hubby and me de look for one even if em go de cheat me, I no mind.

@Kollyyoo…”Women world is here , my wife can’t even do this to me ooo, I go divorce her immediately

@Banzy-Bull…”Make we no blame the babe ooo, she don jazz the man full time ooo

@OgechiMama_Life…”I support this lady ooo..My hubby don cheat on me one time like that too and I dealt with him physically and spiritually


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