Wema Bank Donates Brand-New Car To Winner Of Outstanding MSME Clinic Award 🎊 The Scoper Media

 JUN 29, 2024

Wema Bank, Nigeria’s foremost innovative bank and pioneer of Africa’s first fully digital bank, ALAT, donated a brand-new car to Desoor Bags, the winner of the Outstanding MSME Clinic awardβ€”female category, at the National MSME Awards Night 2024.

This Award Ceremony was held at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Thursday 27th June 2024, to commemorate World MSME Day.

The International MSMEs Day and MSME Awards Night 2024 is a twofold event organised by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Office of the Vice President, to celebrate the successes in the Nigerian MSME Sector and develop sustainable solutions for the continuous growth and development of the sector, to ultimately boost the Nigerian economy.

The first part of the event convened top reputable institutions and entities including Wema Bank, to brainstorm and proffer sustainable financial solutions to not only provide affordable loans and funding for MSMEs, but to also ensure that these financial solutions are easily accessible and available to MSMEs. The concluding part of the Event was the National MSME Awards 2024; the sixth edition of the annual celebration.

The Award Ceremony celebrated top performing MSMEs across various categories from different parts of the country, awarding them with gifts and cash prizes in show of support and in advancement of their businesses.

Wema Bank, reputed for its positive impact across various areas including MSMEs and Women, not only contributed immensely to the solutions garnered in the daytime event but also sealed its commemoration of World MSME Day 2024 at the National MSME Awards 2024 by gifting a car to Desoor Bags, the winner of the Outstanding MSME Clinic award (female category).