We’re Prioritising Skills Elevation In Real Estate – Prof. Oyedemi By Tai Anyanwu ๐ŸŽŠ The Scoper Media

Prof. Julius Oyedemi, Group Executive Director (Sales and Marketing) of PWAN Group delivering lecture at the realtos’ conference held in Asaba, Delta State …recently.



ย  ย  The real estate landscape in Nigeria is experiencing a surge in growth, attracting numerous investors seeking both short and long-term benefits. In response to this dynamic environment, PWAN Plus, the visionary force behind Billionaires, Cederwood, and Heartland Luxury Estates, has taken a proactive step by organizing a transformative eventโ€”the ‘Bring the Best Realtors Conference 2024.’ This two-day conference is geared towards equipping real estate marketers with essential skills to boost sales, enhance service delivery, and achieve organizational excellence.

Prof. Julius Oyedemi, the Managing Director and CEO of PWAN Plus, highlighted the conference’s overarching goal: to empower Realtors, ensuring their success in the competitive real estate business. Recognizing the significance of training to stay grounded and ready for the challenges of the field, the conference delved into crucial aspects such as product knowledge, service delivery, legal considerations, and emerging technologies.

Oyedemi emphasized the importance of aligning the vision of Realtors with that of the organization. He stressed that, in addition to honing their product knowledge and service delivery skills, Realtors should prioritize customer satisfaction, as a pleased customer becomes a valuable source of referrals. PWAN Plus, though a young entity, is growing rapidly with a vision to provide affordable housing units to a wide segment of the Nigerian population.

Barrister Rejoice Alabi underscored the legal dimensions of the real estate business, a critical aspect often overlooked. With over 60 percent of conference participants being newcomers to the property business, Alabi emphasized the need for enlightenment on titles, deeds, documentations, and other legal obligations. This knowledge is fundamental for building a strong foundation in the industry.

The conference also delved into the realm of emerging technological trends in real estate marketing. Participants were equipped with the skills to create advanced life videos, compelling tools that can sway customer interest towards the showcased properties. Additionally, a dedicated lecture on website creation aimed to help Realtors carve a distinct niche for themselves in the competitive business landscape.

As the conference concluded, Realtors expressed their delight, citing renewed confidence and a range of strategies to enhance their sales. The event served not only as a knowledge-sharing platform but also as a catalyst for building a robust community of empowered and skilled real estate professionals.

In essence, the ‘Bring the Best Realtors Conference 2024’ organized by PWAN Plus has proven to be a pivotal initiative, fostering a culture of continuous learning, legal awareness, and technological proficiency among Realtors. As the real estate industry continues to evolve, events like these become indispensable for professionals striving for excellence in their service delivery and organizational performance

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