Where Is LAGBAJA? 🎊 The Scoper Media

The tall, handsome and amiable Bisade Ologunde. A professional and multi talented instrumentalist, an individual endowed with unparalleled musical creativity that made him the favourite of both the old and young generations. His style of meaningful composition of songs, lyrics and melodies embellished with the dance steps reserved for the traditional masquerade called ‘Egun’ in Yoruba land, all together made Lagbaja a delight to watch for everyone.

Lagbaja, Omo Baba Mukomuko, why did you abandon playing music for your array of fans in Nigeria for too long, after creating a strong joyful bond with them. 

Why did you abandon ‘Motherlan’ where the rich and average music lovers across Lagos meet to unwind with your live performance that surpasses your fans expectations in all aspects of creativity.

Anyway, wherever you are or hiding; and whatever is the reason, as one of your avid fans as well as others, we still love you and look forward to the day you will emerge with great music works.

Lagbaja Omo Baba Mukomuko you are great.

Olatunde Danisa-Atafo (LA)

Cashiff House of Ideas