Woman Who Lost 5 Male Foetuses, Delivers Son After Prayers At Zion Ministry 🎊 The Scoper Media


A mother, Mrs Ifeoma Maria Dorothy Okonkwo, has shared the story of how she finally gave birth to a son after she suffered five stillbirths in 15 years. 

Mrs Okonkwo who hails from Nimo, Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State, got married to Tony Okonkwo, from neighbouring Abagana, 20 years ago, and the couple had their first child, a girl, after five years. After two more girls arrived, they desired to have a male child. True to their wish, she started conceiving male children, but each time the pregnancy got to 24 weeks, “a strange bed will come to our window at 12 midnight, the membrane will rupture and I will have a stillbirth. It happened five times and I lost all five male babies,” Mrs Okonkwo told the audience at Zion Prayer Ministry, Lagos, last Sunday. 

She said she gave up after the fifth miscarriage and told her husband she didn’t want to continue, “but my husband who was an only son wanted a son badly. I even suggested that he should take a second wife to give him a male child”. 

At a time she said she suspected her husband, an ardent Zionite, of infidelity because of his undisclosed movements. She also  thought he had had a male child outside  because she noticed he was always going out with clothes of a baby boy, not knowing he was consistently going to Zion ground with the clothes of a baby boy to pray with faith for a son. 

In 2023, they joined the Zion Prayer Ministry’s 100 days fasting and prayer. Mrs Okonkwo became pregnant again shortly after. When she realized she was pregnant, she said she decided to drink only Seraphic water, produced by Zion ministries, through the period of her pregnancy.

However, it was a troubled 9 months of pregnancy. She experienced near abortions, with doctors recommending emergency surgery to save her and her baby.

Finally, Evangelist Ebuka located her in Open Heavens and prayed for her and she put to bed normally despite the insistence of doctors on cesarean section. She came to Zion with her baby boy and her husband to share her testimony.

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