‘World’s Oldest Man’ With Two Horn-like Growths On His Head Dies ‘Aged 140’ Days After Botched Operation To Cut Them Off √√ The Scoper Media

   A MAN with gnarled, horn-like growths protruding from the side of his head has died at the reported age of 140.

The passing of Ali Anter, alleged to be Yemen’s oldest man, comes after he gained fame for his odd horns.

He went viral for his “devil horns” which began growing when he was 100
He went viral for his “devil horns” which began growing when he was 100

Some claim Ali was 140 years old when he died

Ali, nicknamed ‘The Two-Horned’, hailed from Al Jawf Governorate.

Horn-like growths appeared on either side of his forehead after he turned 100 years old, Yemeni newspaper Aden al-Ghad reported.

As one of them grew, it curled like the horn of a goat.

It was so large by the time of his passing that it was level with his mouth.

Ali is reported to have died three days after the filming of this video showing an apparently untrained individual trying to sever the large growth with a red-hot instrument.

The clip is reported to have been posted by his relatives.

A family member is said to have claimed that Ali died from the deterioration of his physical and mental health brought on by old age.

But, the relative is alleged to have said, the crude amputation of his growth may have hastened his demise.

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