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“You Must Wear Pants & Bras Before Coming To Campus” – Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro √√ The Scoper Media



Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro.


    The Student Union Government, SUG of the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro has sent a sterm warning to all the students of the federal institution concerning their dress codes while in the premises of the school and has also given out a guideline concerning what and what they should wear.

The letter.

In this latter attached here and signed by the Speaker of the Student Representatives Council, Hon. Sulaimon Adedemola, the statement reads, “It is important to remember that pants and bras are required while on campus”. This is not only for your own safety and comfort, but also out of respect for your fellow students.

It is absolutely essential that you wear pants and bras while on campus, this is not a suggestion, it is a requirement and if you do not comply, you will face the consequences and disciplinary action against you.

Please respect your fellow students and the rule of the school by wearing the appropriate clothing all the time the statement said

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