Young And Old Delegates Inspired To Amplify Jehovah’s Service Worldwide 🎊 The Scoper Media

By Cleopatra Eki

No fewer than 400 participants have benefited from the Enter into God’s rest Assembly, a first one-day Circuit Assembly for French congregations of
Jehovah’s Witnesses in Elemoro Lekki Epe Lagos.

The Assembly with a theme in French inscription ” Entrons dans repos de Dieu” Hebrew 4 verse 11, attracted all the french congregations members and the public.
Brother Kehinde Adewale, in his talk on God’s love for the older Christian who remain faithful despite many years of faithfulness, added that they are specially love by Jehovah despite their power that is failing now.

The older ones have worked side by side with Jehovah in their service to him, he will never forget their work in his service. He interviewed Brother and Sister Nicholas Abayomi who have served Jehovah in different capacities over the years, while they encouraged the delegates to do more in God’s work.

Adewale encouraged young delegates to emulate their fine works in Jehovah service and do more with their youthfulness.
He urged them to always visit JW.ORG website(Watch-Tract Society) download and use videos, spiritual materials and get advice from congregational elders and encouragement.

Speaking to one of delegates, Brother Joseph Ajide, maintained that he will stay busy in God’s service, helping and strengthen others to attain godly goals.

He maintained that Bible principles would help him make good decisions in all spheres of life.

Another Sister Nancy Ojo said the assembly will make her increase spiritual activities. “I will continuously look up to Jehovah God and increase my trust in him deeply. “
The high point of event were several talks from Circuit overseer, Bethelites, one baptismal candidate emerged. Others were Demonstrations, interviews Watchtower reading and answering session, kingdom works videos , experiences and others.